Virginia Lawmakers Crack Down on Delta-8 THC Products, Threatening Legal Hemp Market

Virginia Lawmakers Approve Tough Measures Against Delta-8 THC Products, Casts Cloud Over Hemp Industry Boom

Virginia Lawmakers Approve Tough Measures Against Delta-8 THC Products, Casts Cloud Over Hemp Industry Boom

Virginia lawmakers have taken a decisive step in their pursuit of stricter surrounding delta-8 THC products, sending shockwaves through the thriving hemp industry. The approved compromise bill, negotiated on the final day of the General Assembly session, mandates state licenses for sellers of intoxicating hemp-derived cannabinoid products. Additionally, stringent limits are to be imposed, capping products at a maximum of 2 milligrams of THC per package or no more than 0.3% THC overall, accompanied by stringent labeling requirements. Violators of the new regulations could face hefty daily fines of $10,000 for each infraction, as reported by the Virginia Mercury.

With overwhelming support from the Virginia General Assembly, the bill now stands before Republican Governor Glenn Youngkin, a staunch advocate for tighter controls on delta-8 THC products, who is expected to sign it into law. However, the implications of these restrictions are already stirring among hemp industry advocates, who fear that this might herald the end of the legal hemp market that flourished following the 2018 ’s passage.

Notably, the Virginia Cannabis Control Authority has been responsible for overseeing the state’s medical marijuana . However, under the newly proposed legislation, the regulation of delta-8 THC products will shift to the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. This change in oversight has drawn criticism from some lawmakers, with State Senator Scott Surovell expressing concern, deeming it “a first step towards a complete mess,” according to the Mercury.

Although recreational marijuana is already legal in Virginia, the absence of legal retail outlets has created a void, which delta-8 THC products and unlicensed, unregulated marijuana items from pop-up dispensaries and illegal outlets are currently filling. The planned initiation of legal adult-use on January 1, 2024, has been disrupted by the of a regulatory bill in the House of Delegates this month.

As Virginia awaits Governor Youngkin’s final endorsement of the delta-8 THC , stakeholders in the hemp industry and proponents of are closely monitoring the ramifications. The future of the state’s burgeoning hemp market hangs in the balance, as debate the impact of these new restrictions on accessibility, innovation, and consumer demand for delta-8 THC products. The implications of these measures are likely to reverberate not only within Virginia but also across the broader landscape of the hemp and cannabinoid industries.


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