Green Growth: Germany’s Medical Cannabis Industry Thrives with €50.9 Million Q1 Reimbursements

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Medical Cannabis Expansion: Germany Sees €50.9 Million in Q1 Reimbursements

The first quarter of witnessed a significant in insurance reimbursements for medical cannabinoid products in Germany, reaffirming the continuous of ’s largest ’s cannabis sector – now ranking among the world’s most expansive.

The latest data from the German National Association of Statutory Health Insurance Funds (GKV-Spitzenverband) indicates that reimbursements reached approximately €50.9 million ($55.6 million) from January to March.

Comparing this with the same period the previous year, there’s a noticeable 6.5% uptick. However, it’s important to note a slight downturn in comparison to the final quarter of 2022.

Within this timeframe, nearly 99,000 prescriptions were filled, reflecting the increasing acceptance and utilization of .

Breaking down the numbers, the attributed to the dried-flower segment amounted to €21.1 million.

Simultaneously, finished pharmaceutical products, which encompass items like Sativex and Epidolex, registered sales totaling €13.1 million.

Drawing a parallel, Canada’s regulated reported medical cannabis sales of 98 million Canadian dollars ($72 million) during the same quarter, according to data from Statistics Canada.

However, it’s crucial to highlight that Germany’s reimbursement data excludes sales through private prescriptions, which patients cover out of their own pockets.

Consequently, the actual medical cannabis sales in Germany surpassed the reported €55.6 million figure, although the exact value remains indeterminate.

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