Wisconsin Governor Open to Signing GOP Medical Marijuana Bill

The Wisconsin Medical Marijuana Bill: A Step Towards Sensible Cannabis Policy

When it comes to cannabis legalization, the path is often a winding one. In Wisconsin, Governor Tony Evers is considering signing a medical bill proposed by legislators. While this bill falls short of comprehensive cannabis reform, it represents a step in the right direction. In this article, we’ll dive into the details of the Medical Marijuana Bill, discuss its potential impact, and explore the broader implications for in the state.

Understanding the Medical Marijuana Bill

**The Medical Marijuana Bill** is a piece of legislation that could bring significant changes to Wisconsin’s cannabis policy. This bill, if signed into law, would provide to medical cannabis for patients suffering from serious conditions such as , , HIV, and chronic . Here’s a closer look at what this bill entails:

  • Patients with qualifying conditions can access cannabis products in pill and forms.
  • The bill aims to provide relief to individuals facing severe health challenges.
  • It’s designed to be a conservative approach to medical marijuana legalization.

**Governor Evers** has been a vocal advocate for comprehensive adult-use cannabis legalization in Wisconsin. However, faced with opposition from GOP leaders who refuse to entertain the idea, he’s willing to consider a more limited approach. The proposed Medical Marijuana Bill could provide relief for patients with serious conditions, allowing them access to cannabis products in pill and oil forms.

While Governor Evers still believes that comprehensive reform is the ideal solution, he acknowledges the need for pragmatism. He emphasized that it’s crucial to meet the needs of Wisconsinites who have been calling for cannabis reform. Even though the bill might not address all the concerns related to cannabis, it’s a step in the right direction.

**The Poison Pill Dilemma**

Governor Evers is clear about one thing: he won’t sign a bill that contains “poison pills.” These are unrelated or extreme that could undermine the intent of the legislation. So, while he’s open to the Medical Marijuana Bill, it must align with sensible cannabis policy.

**Changing GOP Stance**

The GOP leadership’s decision not to entertain the conversation about adult-use cannabis has been a source of frustration for many. However, Governor Evers sees a glimmer of hope as Assembly Speaker Robin Vos appears to have softened his stance on cannabis reform. If the Medical Marijuana Bill is a step toward comprehensive reform, it’s a step worth taking.

**Public Opinion Matters**

Governor Evers acknowledges that public opinion in Wisconsin favors both medical and recreational cannabis. Polling consistently shows that Wisconsinites are comfortable with the idea of legalizing cannabis for various purposes. It’s clear that the conversation about cannabis reform needs to happen, and the Medical Marijuana Bill is a starting point.

What’s Next for Cannabis Policy in Wisconsin?

While the bill’s text hasn’t been released yet, there’s confidence within the GOP that it will pass, even if it’s with just Republican votes. However, it remains to be seen how Democratic lawmakers, who have pushed for comprehensive reform, will respond to this incremental change.

**The Economic Impact**

The potential economic impact of cannabis reform cannot be ignored. Governor Evers pointed out that Wisconsin is losing out to neighboring states that have already legalized, regulated, and taxed marijuana. A fiscal estimate projected that legalization could generate nearly $170 million in tax revenue annually. Additionally, Wisconsin residents spent over $121 million on cannabis in Illinois alone last year, contributing significantly to Illinois’ tax revenue.

**A Effort**

It’s worth noting that a bipartisan group of Wisconsin lawmakers has introduced a measure to decriminalize marijuana possession. They hope this noncommercial reform can run parallel to the Medical Marijuana Bill. These efforts show that cannabis reform is gaining traction across party lines.


In conclusion, while the Medical Marijuana Bill may not be the comprehensive reform that Governor Evers and many Wisconsinites desire, it represents progress. It’s a sign that cannabis policy is evolving in the state, driven by changing public opinion and the economic potential of legalization. Wisconsin may be taking small steps, but they are steps in the right direction.

Thanks to Kyle Jaeger for reporting on this issue.

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