Vermont Cannabis Industry Devastated by Floods: Denied Federal Aid Amidst Legal Hurdles

Vermont <a rel="nofollow" title="Cannabis" href="">Cannabis</a> Industry Struggles After Devastating Floods: Denied <a href="" class="st_tag internal_tag " rel="tag" title="Posts tagged with Federal">Federal</a> Aid Amidst Legal Hurdles

Vermont Cannabis Industry Struggles After Devastating Floods: Denied Federal Aid Amidst Legal Hurdles

In the aftermath of last week’s devastating floods that swept Vermont, the state’s cannabis cultivators, , and manufacturers find themselves grappling with significant losses. However, they face an additional hurdle – they are barred from accessing any federal aid due to marijuana’s continued illegality under federal , as reported by VTDigger.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) business assistance programs remain out of reach for the cannabis industry, leaving them without crucial support during this challenging time. Even if Vermont Gov. Phil Scott’s emergency request for a U.S. Department of disaster declaration is approved, cannabis will still be ineligible for federal crop insurance money, according to the media publication.

As revealed by early results from a survey conducted by the Vermont Association, cannabis operators have suffered extensive damage and loss of outdoor and indoor crops, as well as production facilities. Geoffrey Pizzutillo, co-founder and executive director of the association, stressed that the entire supply chain is impacted, affecting not only outdoor farmers but also retailers and manufacturers.

Unfortunately, this lack of federal aid is not an isolated incident. Cannabis companies nationwide have long grappled with limited recourse following natural disasters, including wildfires, floods, and heatwaves. This unwelcome trifecta of extreme weather conditions is affecting various regions in the United States and Canada this summer, presenting operational challenges for cannabis from Northern to South .

In Vermont, the struggle to recover from historic flooding continues, and cannabis companies remain at a disadvantage due to their ineligibility for federal assistance. Severe weather conditions have taxed power grids, making it difficult for businesses to resume operations fully.

As the National Weather Service issues a flood watch for Tuesday in certain parts of northwestern , western Massachusetts, east-central New York, and southern Vermont, it becomes apparent that weather-related challenges are likely to persist in New England.

Vermont’s cannabis industry, which launched adult-use sales on October 1, had approximately 50 retailers prequalified for licensing. Now, these businesses must navigate the aftermath of the floods and the lack of federal aid, making their path to recovery uncertain.

In conclusion, the Vermont cannabis industry faces a daunting road to recovery after experiencing significant losses from recent floods. Denied access to federal aid due to marijuana’s federal illegality, cannabis cultivators, retailers, and manufacturers are left to overcome these challenges on their own. As extreme weather continues to impact various parts of the country and Canada, the need for support becomes increasingly urgent, highlighting the disparities faced by the cannabis industry following natural disasters.

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