Twitter’s New Cannabis Ads

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Twitter’s New Cannabis Advertising Policy

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Twitter has recently revised its for marijuana advertising, allowing industry participants to promote , THC, and cannabis-related products and services. This article explores the practical implications of the new policy.

Policy Update

The company now permits approved cannabis advertisers to target the United States. However, certain restrictions still apply to the promotion of cannabis products for .

Restrictions on Cannabis Ads

Advertisers are prohibited from promoting or selling cannabis products containing CBD or cannabinoids. The exception is made for topical CBD products with THC levels below the -set threshold.

Expanded Advertising Opportunities

The new policy allows cannabis businesses to promote their brands and non-commercial activities. Ancillary companies, such as PAX, have already started advertising their vaporizer devices in light of the policy change.

Impact of the Policy Change

The revised policy opens up more opportunities for cannabis marketing. However, limitations on depicting cannabis use, making health claims, and targeting minors still exist. The new rules only apply to the United States.


Twitter’s updated advertising policy represents a step forward for the cannabis industry. While further improvements are desired, this change allows state-legal cannabis brands to engage with consumers and destigmatize cannabis use.

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