Twitch’s Policy: No Cannabis, Yes Alcohol

Twitch Updates Branding Policy: <a rel="nofollow" title="Cannabis" href="">Cannabis</a> Restrictions and <a href="" class="st_tag internal_tag " rel="tag" title="Posts tagged with alcohol">Alcohol</a> Partnerships

Twitch Updates Branding Policy: Cannabis Restrictions and Alcohol Partnerships

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Twitch, the popular video game streaming company, has updated its branding policy, imposing restrictions on promotions related to cannabis businesses and products while allowing partnerships with alcohol. This article provides an overview of the changes made and their implications.

Twitch’s Branding Policy Changes

Twitch faced significant backlash from the gaming regarding its new branding policy. Despite revising certain aspects based on feedback, the platform maintains its on cannabis-related promotions.

Cannabis Ban and Alcohol Exception

The updated branded content policy prohibits streamers from promoting cannabis-related products such as vaping, delivery, and CBD. However, an exception is made for alcohol partnerships, allowing streamers to be paid for promoting alcoholic beverages marked as mature content.

Restrictions on Other Branding Deals

In addition to cannabis, Twitch imposes restrictions on branding involving weapons, adult content, tobacco products, medical facilities, and political content. The cover various forms of branded content, including product placements, endorsements, sponsored gameplay, paid unboxing, and branded channels.

Streamers’ Confusion and Impact

One streamer, JimTanna, expressed confusion regarding the disparity between Twitch’s rules for cannabis and alcohol promotions. He believes that this update may negatively impact streamers’ ability to earn a living on the platform.

Twitch’s Stance on Cannabis and Alcohol

Twitch’s parent company, Amazon, for federal marijuana legalization and has adopted progressive policies regarding marijuana drug for employees. However, Twitch’s branding policy maintains the cannabis ban while permitting alcohol partnerships.

Changing Landscape: Technology Companies and Cannabis Policies

As more states legalize cannabis and the market expands, companies are revising their policies. For example, Twitter no longer presents drug suggestions for searches related to marijuana but still has room for improvement. Apple and Google have also made changes to their policies regarding cannabis-related apps and content.


The updates to Twitch’s branding policy reflect the evolving landscape of cannabis and alcohol in the gaming . While cannabis promotions remain prohibited, streamers can still partner with alcohol brands. The article highlights the confusion among streamers and the broader context of changing policies in technology companies.

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