Twilio Ceases Service to Cannabis Industry, Impacting Retailers’ Communication

Twilio Puts the Kibosh on Cannabis Connections: A Communication Conundrum

Welcome, my fellow cannabis , to a tale that blends the worlds of technology and the herb. In a twist that’s caught the attention of both ganja aficionados and tech aficionados, we’re here to unwrap the curious case of Twilio’s unexpected halt in the realm of cannabis.

The Communication Maestro

Picture this: Twilio, a virtuoso, orchestrating a symphony of texts, calls, and videos for businesses. But here’s the curveball – it seems they’ve decided to turn down the volume when it comes to cannabis. Yes, you heard it right. MJBizDaily has confirmed that Twilio is no longer playing ball with cannabis companies looking to connect with their customers. Quite the buzzkill, isn’t it?

A Glimpse into the Background

Before we roll deeper into the story, let’s take a quick hit of context. Twilio isn’t just any run-of-the-mill player; they’ve got some solid policies in place. And when it comes to cannabis, those policies are pretty adamant. The , promotion, or any kind of cannabis-related communication through Twilio’s platform? Well, that’s a big no-no.

More Than Just Cannabis

Now, it’s not just the green goodness that’s on the restricted list. Twilio’s got their bases covered with a whole buffet of no-nos. From high-risk financial to the likes of cryptocurrency, gambling, and even the taboo trio – sex, firearms, and tobacco – they’re keeping it strict.

Playing by the Rules

So, what’s the deal with the rules? Twilio’s got ’em, and they’re not shy about enforcing them. If someone decides to bend or break these rules, Twilio’s got a response ready: account suspension. It’s not personal; it’s a matter of following the law, especially when it comes to the green leaf.

The Timeline Unveiled

Now, I bet you’re curious about when this all went down. Twilio’s been playing their close to the chest on this one. But word on the street is that they’ve been in cahoots with the likes of T-Mobile and AT&T for more than a year now. Seems like they’re all singing the same tune.

The Ripple Effect

Let’s face the – this decision isn’t just affecting Twilio and the cannabis companies. It’s like a domino effect hitting the entire cannabis scene, especially those in the game. With Mastercard shutting the door on marijuana-related transactions, it’s like a game of hot potato with cash. Retailers are scrambling, trying to find a safe space for all that green.

Competition Gets Sticky

Hold onto your hats, folks. The plot thickens as we ponder what Visa might do. If they follow in Mastercard’s footsteps, it’s going to be a wild ride for the legit cannabis retailers. But here’s a twist: burglaries at cannabis shops doubled last year. It’s like a double whammy for these businesses.

The Exit Strategy

But hey, can we blame Twilio for making this call? They’ve got their own priorities. With a whopping billion in in just one quarter and a market cap that’s nothing to scoff at, they’ve decided it’s better to part ways with the green scene. Regulatory hurdles? No thanks.

Concluding Thoughts

So, my fellow cannabis connoisseurs and tech wizards, what’s the takeaway? Twilio’s thrown a curveball at the cannabis industry, and the businesses are left pondering their next move. Communication’s key, but when federal law plays referee, some players are benched. Will this lead to innovative solutions for cannabis retailers? Only time will unveil that answer. Until then, keep the green burning, stay cool, and remember – open lines of communication make for a smoother journey.

Originally reported by Chris Casacchia.

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