Trump Team Suggests DeSantis Use Marijuana Edibles to Relieve Campaign Stress

DeSantis Marijuana Edibles: A Candid Conversation with a Cannabis Expert

Hey there, fellow cannabis ! Today, we’re diving deep into a rather unconventional topic: DeSantis and marijuana edibles. Yes, you heard that right! Join me in this laid-back yet informative chat about the unlikely connection between the Florida governor, Ron DeSantis, and cannabis-infused goodies.

First things first, let’s set the stage. Imagine this – you’re in Nevada, and you’re knee-deep in the hustle and bustle of the 2024 presidential race. The stress is piling up like a Jenga tower on the brink of collapse. That’s the scenario we’re talking about. The Trump campaign, in all its wisdom, decided to offer some advice to DeSantis, urging him to grab some marijuana edibles to unwind.

Now, before we go any further, let’s make one thing clear – DeSantis isn’t exactly the poster child for cannabis legalization. In fact, he’s been quite vocal about his disapproval, going as far as describing the smell of marijuana as “putrid.” But hey, here’s the twist – edibles don’t come with that pungent odor that seems to irk him so much.

**Trump Team’s Unconventional Suggestion**

Now, why on earth would the Trump campaign suggest something like this? Well, it turns out that DeSantis’s campaign strategist, Jeff Roe, has been actively lobbying for marijuana legalization in Iowa. So, it seems like a little political banter was in order, even if it might have confused a couple of along the way.

**The Trump-DeSantis Cannabis Stance**

But here’s the real kicker – neither Trump nor DeSantis are what you’d call cannabis enthusiasts. Trump did flirt with the idea of modest cannabis reform during his presidency, but let’s not forget his stance on other drug policies, like calling for the execution of illicit substance sellers.

On the flip side, DeSantis has made it abundantly clear that he’s not a fan of marijuana legalization. He even argued (contrary to evidence) that it had boosted the illicit market in Colorado. So, yeah, these guys aren’t exactly sparking up a joint together anytime soon.

**The Florida Cannabis Scene**

Now, while DeSantis might be anti-legalization, the fine folks in Florida might have a say in the matter. The state’s is currently mulling over the possibility of a marijuana legalization initiative on the 2024 ballot. Mark your calendars for November 8, because that’s when oral arguments are set to take place.

**DeSantis’s Stance on Cannabis**

DeSantis’s to cannabis legalization is just one piece of the puzzle in his bid for the Republican presidential nomination. On the front, he’s been pretty active too. He signed a bill that expanded advertising and manufacturing restrictions, making it tougher for products to promote “recreational” cannabis use. And the eligibility requirements for industry workers? Yeah, they got stricter too.

Then there’s the measure he signed that prevents residents of sober living facilities from using medical marijuana, even if they have a doctor’s prescription. The catch? All other doctor-prescribed pharmaceutical medications are fair game.

And let’s not forget the bill that banned the of consumable hemp products, including cannabis “chewing gum,” to anyone under 21. It’s an expansion of an existing prohibition on young people purchasing smokable hemp.

**A Silver Lining for Black **

But it’s not all doom and gloom on the cannabis front. Thanks to a bill DeSantis signed in June, two Black farmers in Florida finally got their hands on long-awaited medical marijuana business . So, it’s not all bad news.

In conclusion, the unlikely suggestion from the Trump campaign for DeSantis to try marijuana edibles might have raised a few eyebrows, but it’s a reminder that politics can sometimes be as unpredictable as the of a good edible.

Thanks for joining me in this cannabis-infused conversation, and a shoutout to Kyle Jaeger for bringing this intriguing tidbit to our attention. Stay tuned for more cannabis news and updates!


  • Q: What led to the Trump campaign’s suggestion to DeSantis about marijuana edibles?
  • A: The Trump campaign’s suggestion came in response to DeSantis’s campaign strategist, Jeff Roe, actively lobbying for marijuana legalization in Iowa.
  • Q: Are Trump and DeSantis known for their support of cannabis legalization?
  • A: No, both Trump and DeSantis have been rather cautious about cannabis legalization. While Trump flirted with the idea of reform during his presidency, he also took a tough stance on other drug policies. DeSantis, on the other hand, is openly against marijuana legalization.
  • Q: Is there a chance of marijuana legalization in Florida despite DeSantis’s opposition?
  • A: Yes, there’s a possibility. The Florida Supreme Court is currently considering the inclusion of a marijuana legalization initiative on the 2024 ballot, giving the people of Florida a say in the matter.
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