THC Inflation Exposed: Lawsuit Targets Lab

THC Inflation Lawsuit: Accusations and <a href="" class="st_tag internal_tag " rel="tag" title="Posts tagged with Concerns">Concerns</a>

THC Inflation Lawsuit: Accusations and Concerns


A new civil lawsuit has accused Arkansas’s largest cannabis testing lab of conspiring with marijuana cultivators to inflate the amount of THC in certain . This article delves into the details of the lawsuit, examining the and the concerns surrounding THC inflation and “lab shopping”.

Lawsuit Allegations

The lawsuit, filed in Pulaski County Circuit Court, targets cultivators BOLD Team, Osage Creek Cultivation, Natural State Medicinals, and Steep Hill testing lab. It alleges that Steep Hill inflates the THC of cannabis products, creating an incentive for cultivators to use their lab and sell products at higher prices.

The lawsuit claims that Steep Hill’s test results are questioned based on third-party comparisons and statistical analysis, pointing towards manipulation of THC potency results.

Testing Discrepancies

The complaint highlights the discrepancies between Steep Hill’s test results and those of other state-approved labs. Independent testing showed that Steep Hill’s results averaged 25 percent higher than other labs, raising concerns about reliability and potential lab manipulation.

A published in the Journal of Cannabis Research also found similar irregularities in testing data in other , emphasizing the need for oversight of legal cannabis laboratories.

State Oversight

The article discusses the gaps in Arkansas’s regulatory structure concerning cannabis testing. While state requires routine testing, regulatory authorities deny enforcement authority over testing standards. The lack of oversight raises concerns about the accuracy and integrity of testing processes.

The lawsuit seeks penalties, damages, and attorneys’ fees, highlighting the need for stricter regulations and independent testing standards.

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