South Dakota Senate Passes Strict Ban On Delta-8 THC And Other Intoxicating Hemp Products

South Dakota Senate Passes Strict Ban On Delta-8 THC And Other Intoxicating Hemp Products

Published on February 27, 2024 By Marijuana Moment

“We always want to tout that our state is open for business, until we don’t like that business.” – By John Hult, South Dakota Searchlight

The **South Dakota ** recently made a significant decision regarding the regulation of **Delta-8 ** and other **intoxicating **. This move reflects a broader trend in cannabis legislation that’s worth examining closely.

**House 1125**, initially broad in scope, aimed to regulate a variety of products. These included **gummies**, **vape pens**, **pre-rolled joints**, and **smokable flowers**. These products, although derived from industrial hemp, can induce effects similar to marijuana.

The legislation’s journey through the lawmaking process witnessed several amendments. Originally, it targeted all products containing **psychoactive chemicals**, whether natural or synthetic. However, debates led to modifications, particularly focusing on lab-grown chemicals such as **THC-O**.

**Rep. Oren Lesmeister**, among others, advocated for protecting products made from naturally occurring chemicals like **Delta-8** or **Delta-10 THC**. His , emphasizing the impact on small businesses and hemp growers, gained widespread support.

Despite initial alterations, the Senate recently reverted to the bill’s original language. This stricter version, reintroduced by **Sen. Brent Hoffman**, reflects a more comprehensive ban on intoxicating hemp products.

The potential consequences of this ban are significant. **Sen. Ryan Maher** highlighted concerns about a surge in illicit products flooding South Dakota’s streets. Moreover, the ban’s implications extend beyond local to online accessibility and investments made by smoke shop owners.

In essence, this decision underscores the complex interplay between legislation, public , and economic interests. While some argue for stringent regulation to safeguard public well-being, others advocate for a more nuanced approach that considers the impact on small businesses and consumers’ access to alternative products.

As this legislation moves forward, it prompts a broader conversation about cannabis regulation and its implications for both stakeholders and the general public. The outcome of this will undoubtedly shape the future landscape of cannabis policy in South Dakota and beyond.

In conclusion, the **South Dakota Senate’s** decision to pass a strict ban on **Delta-8 THC** and other intoxicating hemp products reflects a complex intersection of legislative priorities, public health concerns, and economic interests. As this issue continues to unfold, it invites further discussion and scrutiny from all stakeholders involved.

*Original Article by John Hult, South Dakota Searchlight*

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