South Dakota Lawmakers Reject Effort To Ban Flavorings in Medical Marijuana Products

Welcome to the world of cannabis regulation, where we’re about to explore the intriguing debate surrounding the “Flavor Ban.” In this blog, we’ll delve deeper into the controversy, share some expert insights, and break it all down for you in a casual, friendly tone. So, let’s get started!

Flavor Ban: A Controversial Topic

Picture this: South Dakota, a state that hopped on the legalization bandwagon. Everything seemed to be going smoothly until they introduced a rule that raised eyebrows—the notorious “Flavor Ban.” Now, you might wonder why anyone would want to ban flavors from marijuana products. Well, it’s more complicated than it appears.

The Medical Marijuana Program Director’s Take

Tamarah Lee, the Director of South Dakota’s Medical Program, was at the forefront of this debate. She argued that any non-cannabis additives could pose a danger to patients. Her evidence? A 2020 white paper from the Oregon Liquor Control Commission, which regulates cannabis in that state. This paper highlighted the risks linked to artificial or naturally derived, non-cannabis flavors in inhalable vaping products. According to Lee, inhaling such substances is simply detrimental to your lungs. Thus, the proposed Flavor Ban aimed to ensure that cannabis products retained their natural essence, with flavoring permitted only if it came from the cannabis plant itself.

The Cannabis Industry’s Response

However, the wasn’t thrilled with this idea. They pointed out that terpenes, the natural and synthetic aromatic chemicals used for flavoring, are commonly found in various medicines and everyday products consumed by people of all ages. Think flavored cough medicine, vitamins, beverages—the list goes on. Tyler Koehne, an advocate from the cannabis industry, brought up a valid argument. He mentioned that we consume flavored items daily, from our morning coffee to our favorite snacks.

“If Oregon outlawed it in inhalables, why are we doing it for all products?” Koehne questioned. It seemed like an arbitrary restriction that might affect a broad range of products enjoyed by those who don’t particularly savor the taste of marijuana.

The Pre-Roll Testing Rule Controversy

As if the Flavor Ban wasn’t enough, another rule stirred the pot (pun intended)—testing the papers used in pre-rolls. You might be wondering why this is even a debate. Well, it turns out some papers could pose health risks, and that’s where the controversy comes in.

Before this rule, cannabis products had to be tested in their “final form,” but pre-rolls had an exemption, allowing manufacturers to the pot before rolling it into a . Rep. Jean Hunhoff wanted to know if the papers used for cannabis were similar to those used for roll-your-own cigarettes. Koehne, the cannabis industry advocate, explained that there’s a wide variety of papers available, and he’d rather vet them and choose tested ones than do the testing himself.

Hunhoff also posed the same question to Tamarah Lee, who humorously admitted she wasn’t an expert in pot papers, flavors, or paper types. Fair enough, right? But she did her best, saying, “My understanding is it is different, but I won’t swear to that.”

The Committee’s Verdict

Now, here comes the juicy part. The Interim Rules Review had to make some decisions. And guess what? They voted in favor of striking down those two provisions. So, no Flavor Ban, and no mandatory pre-roll paper testing. The cannabis industry’s arguments seemed to have swayed them.

Sen. Jim Mehlhaff, one of the committee members, noted that the Flavor Ban seemed contradictory, especially with the exemption for tinctures. It raised questions about the Department of Health’s about flavor safety. As for the pre-roll testing rule, he thought it was somewhat inefficient to require testing papers and pot separately.

In the end, the committee decided to pass the remaining rules and move forward. So, folks, it looks like South Dakota won’t be experiencing a Flavor Ban anytime soon.

In Conclusion

So, there you have it, the Flavor Ban debate in South Dakota, and how it all played out. It’s fascinating to see how the cannabis industry and clash over such issues. We’ll keep you updated on any new developments in the world of cannabis regulation.

And before we wrap this up, let’s give a nod to John Hult, the author of the original article. Thanks for reporting on this flavorful controversy!

Stay tuned, fellow cannabis enthusiasts, and keep those taste buds tingling with your favorite marijuana treats. Until next time, happy toking!

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