Rhode Island Sees Record Adult-Use Marijuana Sales Amid Decline in Medical Purchases

Record Marijuana Sales: A Deep Dive Into Rhode Island’s Green Boom

Hey there, fellow cannabis enthusiasts! Today, we’re diving into the high times of Rhode Island’s marijuana market, where “Record Marijuana Sales” is the name of the game. Buckle up, grab your favorite strain, and let’s get into the nitty-gritty of this green revolution.

The Green Wave Sweeping Rhode Island

So, what’s the buzz about Rhode Island’s cannabis scene? Well, you guessed it—record-breaking sales! In September, licensed cannabis retailers in the Ocean State hit a new high by selling a staggering $7,116,727.00 worth of adult-use cannabis . That’s right, folks, it’s the highest amount since the launch of legal sales to adults back in December 2022.

But hold your horses, because there’s a twist in this weed tale. Medical marijuana purchases? Well, they plummeted to a record low of $2,516,624.54 in the same month. It’s like the medical cannabis patients are saying, “Pass me that recreational joint!”

When you add it all up, Rhode Island reported a total of $9,633,351.50 in marijuana sales for the month. While it’s a hair short of the previous month’s record of $9,672,793.26, it’s still an impressive feat.

The Mystery of Numbers

Now, let’s talk about a little mystery—numbers that don’t always add up. Here’s where it gets a bit puzzling. The monthly retail totals reported by the state don’t always match up precisely with the sum of reported medical and recreational sales. In September, it’s just a tiny $0.04 difference, but in August, it was a whopping $2,000.12! It’s like trying to roll the perfect joint—sometimes it’s just a bit wonky.

When we tried to get the scoop on these discrepancies from the Office of Cannabis Regulation, we hit a roadblock. Apparently, the auditor who could shed light on this was out of town, leaving us all hanging until next week. The mysteries of marijuana sales, my friends.

Product Preferences

Now, let’s shift our focus to what’s hot and what’s not in the world of cannabis products. September saw record sales of cannabis concentrates and pre-rolls. People are all about that potent puff and easy-to-use pre-roll. But edibles, pre-packaged flower, tinctures, topicals, and vape carts? Well, they took a little dip compared to August.

Patient Dilemma

We’ve got a bit of a conundrum here, folks. The number of registered medical marijuana patients in Rhode Island has taken a nosedive. From 15,062 active patients in December 2022, we’re now down to just 10,817. That’s nearly a third less! It seems like the allure of recreational cannabis is winning hearts and minds.

Big Moves in the Ocean State

Rhode Island hasn’t been sitting idle. Back in August, the and legislative leaders announced the lineup for the state’s Cannabis Advisory Board. This 19-member panel is working closely with the Cannabis Control Commission to dish out recommendations. Talk about teamwork!

During a listening tour in the state, advocates didn’t hold back. They called for equity and some tweaks to the industry . It’s all about making sure everyone gets a piece of the cannabis pie.

On another note, in the marijuana industry are making moves to unionize. The cannabis industry is growing fast, and it’s not just the plants getting organized.

Green Across the Nation

Rhode Island isn’t the only state with some impressive cannabis stats. Across the country, new state markets are breaking left and right.

Take Illinois, for instance. Officials are waving the flag of “unprecedented growth” in fiscal year 2023, with regulated stores raking in over $1.5 billion in marijuana sales. In September, they even outdid themselves by selling more individual cannabis products than ever before.

Connecticut isn’t far behind, boasting over $25 million in total sales for September, beating the record set in the previous month. The Green Revolution knows no borders!

In Maryland, despite a drop in medical marijuana sales, licensed retailers still managed to sell a record amount of adult-use cannabis products in September.

New Mexico is proudly crossing the half-billion-dollar mark in total adult-use sales, and August was a record-setting month in Rhode Island as well. They just keep breaking their own records, with $9.7 million in monthly receipts.

Montana, too, had a record-breaking August for adult-use cannabis purchases, while Michigan hit a record high in July with nearly $277 million worth of cannabis sold.

Missouri is keeping the cannabis train rolling, with retailers selling about $4 million worth of marijuana per day since they opened their adult-use market in February. They even hit a record $121.2 million in cannabis purchases in .

And let’s not forget Colorado, the OG of legal marijuana states. While sales have been slipping in recent years, they recently passed the $15 billion mark in legal marijuana sales since launching the adult-use market. It’s been a wild ride.

Following the Money Trail

Now, here’s something interesting. The U.S. Census Bureau recently dropped a map showing just how much each state’s revenue comes from legal marijuana activity. In some states, like Oregon, cannabis contributes a significant chunk—up to $1 out of every $20 in tax money. However, for Rhode Island, the latest available from late 2022 shows that cannabis revenue makes up just 0.13 percent of the state’s revenue. It’s a small slice of the pie for now.

But here’s the kicker: legal cannabis states have raked in more than $5.7 billion in marijuana tax revenue over an 18-month period, and that number is only going to climb. The is finally acknowledging the green influx into state coffers, even though cannabis remains federally .

In Conclusion

So there you have it, folks—the lowdown on Rhode Island’s record marijuana sales. It’s a wild journey from medical cannabis to adult-use domination, with some record-breaking pit stops along the way. Cannabis is making waves across the nation, and the money is rolling in.

Before we wrap this up, a big thanks to Ben Adlin for bringing us this story. Keep an eye on the green scene, and remember to enjoy responsibly. Until next time, stay lifted, my friends!

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