Republican Presidential Hopeful Calls for Federal Cannabis Reform Amidst Mixed Local Record

Federal <a rel="nofollow" title="Cannabis" href="">Cannabis</a> <a href="" class="st_tag internal_tag " rel="tag" title="Posts tagged with Reform">Reform</a>: GOP Candidate Advocates Change Amidst Mixed Local Record

Federal Cannabis Reform: GOP Candidate Advocates Change Amidst Mixed Local Record

As the 2024 presidential race heats up, one candidate, Francis Suarez, is making waves with his call
for federal cannabis reform. He believes that the current policy needs to “catch up” with the majority of states
that have already legalized medical and/or adult use of cannabis. The mayor of Miami highlights safety concerns
linked to the industry’s banking barriers, which leave most state-legal cannabis businesses operating solely in
cash, endangering workers’ lives and contributing to increased violent crime in communities.

Suarez’s stance sets him apart from other major Republican contenders, who have not openly advocated for an end to
federal cannabis prohibition. The GOP candidate’s plea for leaders to acknowledge state policies as a
viable solution showcases his determination to align federal regulations with the will of the American people.

However, some Floridians criticize Suarez’s track record on cannabis issues during his tenure as Miami’s mayor.
They claim that his administration blocked them from obtaining medical cannabis licenses due to the precedence of
ongoing federal prohibition over the state’s medical marijuana program. Only in 2022, after a protracted legal
battle, did a federal judge side with medical cannabis license , allowing the ban to be
lifted. Despite the eventual resolution, some believe that Suarez failed to actively support who
struggled to enter the cannabis market.

Notably, Suarez’s 2017 term as a Miami City Commission member also draws attention. During that time, he was absent
for a vote to grant police the discretion to issue civil citations for minor cannabis possession offenses, though
he later expressed support for this reform. Regrettably, even after the policy change, thousands of arrests
persisted, disproportionately affecting young Black men in the city. While Suarez may not have directly influenced
the enforcement actions, critics argue that his public silence on the matter raises concerns.

The mayor’s newfound endorsement for federal reform also encompasses his support for efforts to facilitate banking
services for the cannabis industry. Currently, bipartisan lawmakers are working on a to achieve this goal,
although disagreements over a key section have stalled progress.

As the state gears up for next year’s , the question remains whether Suarez will rally voters to support a
statewide ballot measure for cannabis . The initiative has already gathered enough signatures to
qualify, but the state is seeking to invalidate it, adding further complexity to the unfolding
cannabis debate.

In conclusion, Francis Suarez’s call for federal cannabis reform comes with a mixed local record, leading both
supporters and critics to scrutinize his past actions while examining his vision for the future of cannabis policy
in America.

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