New Mexico Celebrates One-Year Anniversary of Adult-Use Marijuana Market with Over $300 Million in Sales

New Mexico’s Adult-Use Marijuana Market Marks One-Year Milestone with Over $300 Million in Sales

New Mexico’s governor, Michelle Lujan Grisham (D), announced the one-year anniversary of the ’s adult-use marijuana market, highlighting its remarkable achievement of surpassing $300 million in sales since its launch in April last year. Alongside this impressive figure, the governor also emphasized the substantial opportunities that the cannabis industry has created. With steady sales throughout the year, March stood out by setting a monthly record with recreational marijuana purchases amounting to $32.3 million. The adult-use market’s year-end sales totaled $300.1 million, and when combined with medical cannabis sales, the figure reached an impressive $488.3 million.

“In just one year, hundreds of millions of dollars in economic activity has been generated in communities across the state, the number of businesses continues to increase, and thousands of New Mexicans are employed by this new industry,” expressed Governor Lujan Grisham in a press release. The generated from the adult-use marijuana market has already contributed over $27 million in revenue, benefiting the state general fund and localities. Furthermore, the governor highlighted that the sales were the result of more than 10 million transactions over the course of the year.

The New Mexico cannabis industry’s success is evident from the implementation of legislation to the establishment of the Cannabis Control Division, all within a year. Superintendent Linda Trujillo from the Regulation and Licensing Department expressed optimism for further growth in the industry’s second year. The promising trajectory of the is not limited to New Mexico alone, as neighboring Arizona celebrated a year-end total of $1.4 billion in adult-use cannabis purchases for 2022. , which launched its recreational market in 2018, surpassed $4 billion in sales in January.

While success stories abound, there are also states that face due to the absence of a regulated market. A recent legislative analysis conducted in Wisconsin revealed that the state missed out on substantial revenue as residents spent over $121 million on marijuana across the border in Illinois, where a regulated market exists. Recognizing the potential benefits of alternative therapies, lawmakers in New Mexico have advanced a bill to explore the creation of a state body dedicated to studying the implementation of a therapy for patients with certain mental health conditions.

As New Mexico commemorates the one-year anniversary of its adult-use marijuana market, the remarkable sales figures and are undeniable. The industry’s growth has created significant employment opportunities and contributed millions in tax revenue. With neighboring states also experiencing substantial success, the potential of the cannabis market continues to expand. Meanwhile, New Mexico’s legislators remain forward-thinking, considering the possibility of implementing innovative therapies to address mental health conditions. The future of the cannabis industry in the state appears promising as it enters its second year of operation.

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