New Mexico Cannabis Control Division Appoints Colorado Industry Veteran as Chief Regulator

New Mexico Embraces Cannabis Growth with “Cannabis Regulator” Todd Stevens

Hey there, fellow cannabis enthusiasts! It’s time to roll up some exciting news straight from the heart of New Mexico. Prepare to be amazed as we dive into the realm of green, where the Land of Enchantment meets the seasoned expertise of Todd Stevens, a true legend hailing from Colorado’s vibrant cannabis scene.

A Seasoned Pro Finds a New Calling

Meet Todd Stevens, a name that’s been echoing through Colorado’s cannabis corridors for years. As an integral part of the renowned Native Roots Cannabis Co. since 2015, Todd’s journey has now taken an intriguing turn. He’s stepping into the spotlight as the chief honcho of New Mexico’s very own Cannabis Control Division (CCD), bringing his well-earned expertise to new pastures.

Marrying Experience with Opportunity

What sets Todd apart? It’s not just his impressive track record, but also his knack for driving growth. Having shouldered the responsibility of training and development at Native Roots, he’s well-prepared to steer the CCD ship. Linda Trujillo, the agency’s superintendent, couldn’t agree more. She believes Todd’s experience speaks volumes and positions him as the ideal candidate to take the lead.

A Vision for a Greener Tomorrow

Todd’s vision is clear: nurture the success New Mexico’s has seen while prioritizing consumer safety and responsible practices. With over 2,000 licensed cannabis businesses contributing to the landscape, his role is pivotal in fostering a thriving and sustainable .

Carrying on a Legacy

Todd isn’t the first from Colorado’s cannabis realm to make waves in New Mexico. Remember Kristen Thomson? She blazed the trail as the CCD’s inaugural director, bringing a dash of Colorado’s cannabis finesse to the Land of Enchantment. Her departure may have caused some ripples, but it paved the way for successors like Todd, each contributing their chapter to the journey.

Navigating Challenges, Paving Success

The path to a well-regulated cannabis landscape isn’t always smooth. After Kristen’s departure, the CCD experienced a succession of directors, each striving to find their rhythm. Todd’s entry marks a turning point, as his seasoned perspective and experience in the industry bring renewed to the regulatory helm.

A Blossoming Cannabis Market

Fast forward to , and New Mexico’s cannabis is flourishing like never before. With a staggering $300 million in recreational marijuana sales during its inaugural year, and July alone contributing nearly $47.8 million, it’s safe to say that the green wave has hit. The balance between the adult-use market and the marijuana program is a testament to New Mexico’s holistic approach.

Steering New Mexico’s Cannabis Future

As the sun sets over the New Mexico deserts, a new chapter unfolds. Todd Stevens, our seasoned “Cannabis ,” steps into the spotlight to regulate and elevate the ’s cannabis industry. From the highs of Colorado to the enchantment of New Mexico, the journey continues, and we’re all in for the ride.

Originally reported by MJBizDaily Staff

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