New House Speaker Rep. Mike Johnson (R-LA) Opposes Marijuana Reform

House Speaker Marijuana Reform: The Buzz on Rep. Mike Johnson (R-LA)

Hey there, fellow cannabis enthusiasts! Today, we’re diving into the world of marijuana with a focus on the newly elected GOP House Speaker, from Louisiana. We’ve got a lot to unpack, so grab your favorite strain, kick back, and let’s roll into this hazy debate.

Getting to Know Rep. Mike Johnson

First things first, let’s get acquainted with our man of the hour, Rep. Mike Johnson. He’s just been elected as the new House Speaker, and it’s time to see where he stands on the green stuff.

After all, when it comes to reform, we need someone who’s willing to pass the joint… I mean, pass the bill.

Rep. Johnson’s Voting Record: Up in Smoke?

Now, let’s talk turkey—or in this case, “herb.” Rep. Johnson’s voting history on cannabis-related issues is… well, let’s just say it’s not exactly what you’d expect from someone in a leadership role.

Going Against the Green Grain

Back in 2019 and 2021, Rep. Johnson gave a big, fat “NO” to bills that aimed to protect banks working with state-licensed marijuana . Not the best way to make cannabis entrepreneurs feel at ease, Mike.

And remember the Secure and Fair Enforcement Regulation (SAFER) Banking Act that cleared committee last month? Well, he didn’t jump on the green wagon for that one either. Seems like cannabis banking isn’t his jam.

Cannabis Language Drama

In 2020, when Rep. Johnson cosponsored a coronavirus relief bill that included the text of the SAFE Banking Act, he couldn’t resist taking a jab. He quipped, “The bill mentions the word ‘jobs’ only 52 times—but listen, it mentions ‘cannabis’ 68 times.” Someone get this guy a comedy club gig.

But let’s get back to the serious stuff.

Taking the High Road…Literally

Johnson’s game wasn’t shy either. He went on a Twitter spree, suggesting that the lawmakers and staffers who wrote cannabis legislation “were high” at the time. Well, it’s safe to say he’s not a fan of puns or pot.

Now, let’s address a significant concern here.

Missed Votes Galore

When the House voted on a marijuana legalization bill in December 2020, Rep. Johnson criticized it but decided to sit this one out, not casting a vote. He repeated this act when the bill passed again in the House last year.

And this brings us to an important point:

A Frown on Research

on cannabis is vital for understanding its potential benefits and risks. But Rep. Johnson voted against a bill to streamline cannabis research last year. Maybe he’s not too keen on expanding our knowledge about the green plant.

But wait, there’s more.

Amendments and More Amendments

In 2019 and 2021, Rep. Johnson voted against amendments to ease restrictions on studies of Schedule I substances like marijuana and psychedelics. He even voted in favor of an anti-reform measure to remove protections for universities researching cannabis. Seems like he’s not a fan of academic exploration either.

What Does It All Mean?

So, what does this all boil down to? Well, it’s clear that Rep. Mike Johnson is no friend to marijuana reform. His voting record speaks volumes about his stance on cannabis-related issues, and it’s not exactly music to our ears.

What’s Next for Cannabis Reform?

Despite Rep. Johnson’s , there’s still hope for cannabis reform. believe that even if leadership isn’t on their side, cannabis-related legislation could advance through broader vehicles. So, the joint… I mean, the journey isn’t over yet.

Conclusion: The Highs and Lows

In conclusion, Rep. Mike Johnson’s stance on marijuana reform is crystal clear. While some may have hoped for a more cannabis-friendly House Speaker, it seems we’ll have to wait and see how the green tide continues to roll in the political landscape.

And there you have it, folks! Thanks for joining me on this journey through the smoky world of marijuana reform. Stay tuned for more , and remember, we’re all just here for a good time and some good herb.

Q&A on House Speaker Marijuana Reform

Q1: What does Rep. Mike Johnson’s voting record say about his stance on cannabis reform?

A1: Rep. Johnson’s voting record suggests that he’s not a supporter of cannabis reform. He has consistently voted against various cannabis-related bills and amendments.

Q2: Why did Rep. Johnson criticize cannabis language in a coronavirus relief bill?

A2: Rep. Johnson made humorous comments about the frequency of the word “cannabis” in a coronavirus relief bill, suggesting that it received excessive attention compared to other important aspects of the legislation.

Q3: What’s the outlook for cannabis reform despite Rep. Johnson’s opposition?

A3: Advocates believe that cannabis reform can still progress through broader legislative vehicles, even if leadership opposes it. The fight for reform continues.

Q4: How important is cannabis research, and why did Rep. Johnson vote against streamlining it?

A4: Cannabis research is crucial for understanding the plant’s potential benefits and risks. Rep. Johnson’s vote against streamlining research efforts suggests a lack of support for expanding our knowledge of cannabis.

Q5: What can we expect in the future regarding cannabis reform?

A5: The future of cannabis reform remains uncertain. It will depend on the willingness of lawmakers to work together and the evolving toward cannabis at the federal level.

Author’s Note: Thanks to Kyle Jaeger for reporting this important update on Rep. Mike Johnson’s stance on marijuana reform. Your insights are greatly appreciated!

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