New Hampshire Marijuana Legalization Commission Fails to Reach Consensus for 2024 Bill

New Hampshire Marijuana Legalization: A Candid Conversation

Hey there, fellow cannabis enthusiasts! Today, we’re diving into the intriguing world of in the picturesque state of New Hampshire. Buckle up because we’ve got the scoop on the latest developments, some serious stuff, and a dash of humor – just like chatting with a friend.

**A Rocky Road to Consensus**

So, you may have heard that New Hampshire was considering jumping on the cannabis train. Well, my friends, it’s been a bumpy ride. A commission tasked with drafting legislation hit a brick wall and failed to agree on the way forward.

**What Went Wrong?**

You see, Governor Chris Sununu threw a curveball by demanding that retail storefronts be capped at 15 statewide and that businesses couldn’t get cozy with politics. That threw a wrench into the gears, and the commission couldn’t quite find common ground. It’s like trying to decide on pizza toppings with friends – everyone has their preferences.

**Frustration and Infighting**

The commission meetings have been anything but a picnic. Imagine a bunch of folks passionately debating the merits of a proposal. Some of them weren’t even on with the idea of legalization in the first place. One member even called the proposal “the most irresponsible, dangerous legislation” ever! Talk about drama.

**From to Franchise-Style**

Initially, the plan was to have state-run cannabis stores, similar to how New Hampshire handles liquor sales. But then, they had a change of heart and started considering a franchise-style system. Under this model, the state would regulate the marijuana industry, while private licensees would handle the nitty-gritty of cultivation and daily sales.

**The Never-Ending Draft**

Hours and hours of discussions later, they were still at odds about various aspects. From penalties for public marijuana consumption to integrating existing into the new system, they just couldn’t seem to agree on much.

**What’s Next?**

So, here’s the big question: Does the commission’s to issue recommendations spell doom for marijuana legalization in New Hampshire? Well, not necessarily, but it’s not a great sign. New Hampshire is the odd one out in New England, where marijuana is still illegal.

**Clear as Mud**

One thing’s for sure – the future of cannabis in New Hampshire is about as clear as mud, according to Matt Simon, the director of public and government relations at medical marijuana provider GraniteLeaf Cannabis.

Simon, who attended most of the commission meetings, pointed out that the commission’s approach left much to be desired. They spent too much time wading through a draft bill and not enough time hearing from experts and learning from other states’ experiences.

**Franchise-Based Model Still Possible**

Simon still believes a franchise-based model could see the light of day in New Hampshire’s legislature next year. But he thinks it might have lost some steam after the commission’s rollercoaster journey.

**Patient Concerns**

Patient concerns loom large in this marijuana legalization debate. Simon emphasized that ensuring a smooth transition for therapeutic cannabis programs and patients is vital. Unfortunately, the draft bill presented didn’t seem to meet that basic standard.

**Prohibitionists vs. Feasibility**

Advocate Timothy Egan, chair of the board of advisors for the New Hampshire Cannabis Association (NHCANN), wasn’t surprised by the commission’s failure. He pointed out that the commission had its fair share of prohibitionists, which didn’t bode well for studying the feasibility of the industry.

**Last-Minute Demands**

Egan also criticized Governor Sununu’s last-minute demands. The cap of 15 stores seemed like a gift to large corporations, potentially stifling small businesses. As for anti-lobbying provisions, Egan called it “a joke” compared to other regulated industries in New Hampshire.

**Sununu’s Take**

Governor Sununu, who thinks legalization in the Granite State is “inevitable,” might have dodged a bullet. With the commission not issuing recommendations, he won’t have to make a tough decision before his term ends.

**What the Commission Was Supposed to Do**

The commission had a hefty to-do list, studying the feasibility of a state-run cannabis model and drafting legislation that would control distribution, keep marijuana away from kids and schools, regulate marketing, and prevent an over-saturation of retail establishments, among other things.

**A Complicated **

New Hampshire’s path to marijuana legalization has been far from straightforward. It’s seen proposals come and go, and even a surprise backing from the Governor couldn’t push things through. The underlying commission legislation also had provisions related to opioid-based treatments and hemp-derived intoxicating products.

**A Rocky Road Ahead**

As we wrap up this cannabis conversation, one thing is clear – the road to marijuana legalization in New Hampshire is a rocky one. With no consensus in sight, we’ll have to wait and see what the future holds for the Granite State.

And there you have it, folks! A candid chat about New Hampshire’s marijuana legalization journey. Thanks to Ben Adlin for bringing us this story. Stay tuned for more cannabis updates, and remember, toke responsibly!

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