New Hampshire Governor Acknowledges Marijuana Legalization as Inevitable

Marijuana Legalization Inevitable: A Look at the Upcoming Reform in New Hampshire

Hey there, fellow cannabis enthusiasts! It’s your friendly neighborhood expert here, and today, we’re diving deep into the world of marijuana legalization in . You might be wondering why we’re so excited about this topic. Well, it’s because Governor Chris Sununu recently dropped some hints that have cannabis advocates buzzing with excitement.

So, What’s the Scoop?

Governor Sununu, who hasn’t always been the biggest fan of cannabis legalization, recently acknowledged that it’s “inevitable.” Yep, you heard that right! In a state where cannabis ranked 23rd in terms of policy, the winds of change are blowing. Additionally, during an event celebrating New Hampshire’s ranking as the top state for “Freedom in the 50 ” by the libertarian Cato Institute, Sununu noted that marijuana policy flexibility was gaining importance. He even said, “there is an opportunity to make sure it is done right.” Now, that’s a significant shift in tone!

The Road to Legalization

New Hampshire dipped its toes into the cannabis waters back in 2016 when it established a limited medical marijuana system with just seven dispensaries statewide. But the real excitement is about adult-use legalization, which has been flirting with the state legislature for a while.

The latest development came in the form of a legislative compromise earlier this year. A state commission was formed, tasked with the mission of proposing a for legalizing cannabis through a government-controlled system. Initially, the plan was to mirror the liquor sales system, with state-run stores. However, an alternative franchise-style system is now on the table.

The commission’s meetings have highlighted the controversy surrounding this . Some members remain staunch opponents of marijuana use and legalization, with one even calling the proposed bill “the most irresponsible, dangerous legislation that I have ever participated in.”

Despite the opposition, the commission is expected to recommend draft legislation for marijuana legalization in the coming legislative session. There are still some unresolved issues, such as penalties for public consumption, for impaired driving, and the integration of the state’s existing medical marijuana dispensaries into the new regulatory scheme overseen by the state Liquor Commission.

New Hampshire’s Cannabis Ranking

In the Cato Institute’s report, New Hampshire ranked first in economic freedom and second in fiscal and educational freedom. However, when it came to cannabis policy, the state found itself in the middle of the pack at 23rd place. Quite the contrast, right?

California, Maine, Alaska, Massachusetts, Arizona, and Oregon took the top spots in cannabis policy, while , Tennessee, and Georgia brought up the rear. It’s clear that the “Live Free or Die” state has some catching up to do in the cannabis department.

A Question of “Freedom”

Some critics have questioned the Cato report’s definition of “freedom.” Colin Booth, a spokesman for the state Democratic Party, pointed out that the report didn’t consider abortion access in the rankings. New Hampshire, under Sununu’s , passed its first abortion ban in modern history last year, restricting access at 24 weeks into pregnancy.

Booth said, “The whole report is just cheerleading for conservative politics.” It’s a reminder that “freedom” can mean different things to different people.

Governor Sununu’s Evolution

Governor Sununu’s stance on marijuana legalization has evolved over time. While he was once a staunch opponent, he acknowledged last year that reform “could be inevitable.” He emphasized the need for patience in the process.

In May of this year, Sununu took a pivot. After the state Senate defeated a marijuana legalization bill, he announced his support for an alternative proposal involving state-run stores. This shift marked a significant change in his position. Nevertheless, it’s important to realize that change takes time, and there are multiple factors at play.

What’s Next?

As the New Hampshire legalization study group continues its work, we’re left wondering who will introduce the next legalization bill in the state legislature. There have been attempts to find a compromise, including a multi-tiered system that combines state-controlled shops, existing medical cannabis dispensaries, and privately licensed businesses.

Despite some legislative hurdles, the underlying commission legislation also seeks to remove the requirement for pain patients to try -based treatments before receiving a medical cannabis recommendation. It’s a positive step towards recognizing the medical of cannabis.


In conclusion, folks, it’s evident that marijuana legalization in New Hampshire is on the horizon, and it’s becoming more “inevitable” by the day, according to Governor Sununu himself. While there are still challenges to overcome and differences of opinion, the tides are shifting in favor of cannabis reform. No sooner than expected, New Hampshire might join the ranks of states where cannabis is legally embraced.

And a big shoutout to Ben Adlin for reporting on this exciting topic!

Now, go enjoy your favorite strain and stay tuned for more cannabis news!

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