Nevada Sports Regulators Push for Groundbreaking Cannabis Reform, Shielding Athletes from Penalties

Nevada Sports Regulators Propose Revolutionary Cannabis Reform to Safeguard Athletes

In a groundbreaking move to protect athletes, Nevada regulators have unanimously voted to send a proposed regulatory amendment to Governor Joe Lombardo (R) that ensures athletes will not be penalized for using or possessing marijuana, in compliance with law. The Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC) met on Tuesday to discuss the amendment, which aims to formally codify the that was informally implemented in 2021. This significant step will provide a key safeguard for athletes and revolutionize the intersection of sports and cannabis.

The proposed cannabis reform, part of a comprehensive review mandated by an executive order from the governor, will undergo the administrative process for adoption into the NSAC’s guidance. The unanimous vote by the commission highlights their commitment to protect athletes from unfair penalties related to marijuana use. The proposed amendment will now undergo the formal regulatory adoption process outlined in the Nevada Administrative Code.

According to an analyst with the commission, although the proposal has been sent to the governor for consideration, it is crucial to note that before any regulation becomes effective, it will need to go through the formal regulatory adoption process, which includes soliciting public comment and input. While the current commission policy stands, the lack of a formal regulation on the policy has created the need for this comprehensive amendment.

Although the NSAC still adheres to the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) list of banned substances for athletes, which continues to include marijuana, they are seeking to incorporate language that carves out an exception for cannabis for in the state. The proposed amendment specifically states that the possession, use, or consumption of cannabis or cannabis-derived products shall not be deemed an anti-doping violation, provided it is legal under the of the State of Nevada. This move ensures that athletes who comply with Nevada’s legalization policy will not face sanctions, irrespective of their jurisdiction’s cannabis laws.

The reform of cannabis policies in the realm of professional athletics has gained momentum in recent years, in sync with the state-level legalization movement. For instance, the National Basketball Association (NBA) is reportedly planning to remove cannabis from its banned substances list and allow players to promote and invest in the industry. Similarly, the Chicago Cubs became the first Major League Baseball (MLB) team to partner with a CBD company, following the league’s partnership with a popular CBD brand last year.

MLB has been relatively more open to adapting to changing marijuana policies compared to other professional sports leagues. In 2020, it clarified that players would not be penalized for cannabis use during non-working hours, although personal sponsorships by marijuana companies or investments in the industry remained restricted. The UFC also announced in 2021 that it would no longer punish fighters for positive marijuana tests.

Moreover, in a significant move, the NCAA recommended rules last year that would prevent student athletes from automatically losing their eligibility to play due to a positive marijuana test. The National Football League (NFL) also underwent notable changes to its testing policy as part of a collective bargaining agreement in 2020.

Meanwhile, within Nevada, progress toward cannabis reform continues. The Assembly recently passed a resolution urging Congress to legalize marijuana, and it is now pending in the state Senate. Additionally, lawmakers are considering a proposal to increase the state’s cannabis possession limit and remove employment barriers in the marijuana industry. Furthermore, the Senate Health and Human Committee approved a revised last month, which establishes a new working group to study psychedelics and develop a plan for regulated access for therapeutic purposes.

The proposed cannabis reform by Nevada sports regulators marks a historic turning point in athlete cannabis protection. By taking steps to shield athletes from penalties related to marijuana use, Nevada is leading the way in recognizing the evolving landscape of cannabis policies and the of athletes to make choices aligned with . This progressive initiative sets a precedent for other states and sports organizations to reevaluate and reform their own policies surrounding cannabis use by athletes.

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