Nevada Sports Regulators Move to Safeguard Athletes: Proposed Amendment Protects Cannabis Use, Ignites Policy Shift.

Nevada Sports Regulators Propose Groundbreaking Policy Shift to Safeguard Athletes: Embracing Cannabis Use

In a groundbreaking move to protect , Nevada sports are considering a significant policy amendment that would shield athletes from penalties related to marijuana use or possession in accordance with . The Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC) is set to hold a public hearing on April 24 to gather feedback on proposed changes to regulations, including the introduction of new language on cannabis policy. This comprehensive review, mandated by an executive order from the governor, aims to ensure all state agencies are aligned with evolving norms.

As part of their commitment to formalize a more progressive approach, the commission plans to incorporate specific language into its code, solidifying the policy shift initiated two years ago. Back then, the commission unanimously decided to cease penalizing professional fighters for testing positive for marijuana. While the regulations still adopt the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) list of banned substances for athletes, including marijuana, following WADA’s scientific review last year, the NSAC seeks to introduce an exception for cannabis use among fighters in the state.

According to the proposed amendment, which was first reported by Bloody Elbow, the commission does not classify cannabis or cannabis-derived as prohibited substances, as long as they are for use or consumption under the of the State of Nevada. Additionally, regulators are considering a separate section in the code that explicitly states that the possession, use, or consumption of cannabis or cannabis-derived products would not be considered an anti-doping violation, regardless of the jurisdiction’s laws, as long as it is legal under Nevada’s state laws.

This progressive stance would imply that athletes who consume marijuana, irrespective of the cannabis laws in their home state, would not face sanctions as long as their activity aligns with Nevada’s legalization policy.

Following the public hearing, the commission is expected to convene to deliberate on adopting the proposed changes or finalize a comprehensive report, as mandated by Governor Joe Lombardo’s executive order, due by May 1. The report will include recommendations for policy amendments aimed at streamlining and clarifying regulations across all state agencies.

The by Nevada sports regulators aligns with a broader trend in professional athletic organizations, which have been reevaluating and reforming their cannabis policies in recent years amidst the growing wave of state-level legalization.

For instance, reports suggest that the National Basketball Association (NBA) is planning to remove cannabis from its list of banned substances, enabling to freely engage in cannabis-related activities, including promotion and investment in the industry. Similarly, the Chicago Cubs recently became the first Major League Baseball (MLB) team to forge an official partnership with a CBD company, following the league’s league-wide collaboration with a popular CBD brand last year.

MLB has been at the forefront of adapting to evolving marijuana policies compared to other professional sports leagues. In 2020, the organization clarified through a memo that players would not be penalized for using cannabis during their personal time, but restrictions remain on personal sponsorships or investments in the marijuana industry.

In 2021, the UFC also joined the movement by announcing that fighters would no longer face punishments for positive marijuana tests.

Furthermore, NCAA’s key recommended last year that would no longer automatically strip student athletes of their eligibility to play following a positive marijuana test.

The National Football League (NFL) had already undergone a substantial change to its drug testing policy in 2020 as part of a collective bargaining agreement.

With Nevada taking a significant step forward in advocating for athlete cannabis protection, the landscape of sports regulations continues to adapt, prioritizing the well-being and evolving attitudes towards cannabis use among athletes.

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