Multiple States Across The Country See Record-Breaking Marijuana Sales To Close Out 2023

Hey there, fellow cannabis enthusiasts! Let’s dive into some green that’s making waves across multiple states in the US. You ready? Let’s roll!

Marijuana Sales Record in Connecticut

Alright, so picture this: Connecticut, the land of steady habits, stepped into the world of legal sales just over a year ago, in January . Fast forward to December, and guess what? They’ve been breaking sales records every single month since then! Talk about hitting the ground running.

In December alone, adult-use cannabis sales soared over $17.1 million, adding to a year-end total of more than a quarter-billion dollars. That’s some serious green being exchanged, folks!

But hold onto your hats, because we’re just getting started.

Marijuana Sales Record in Illinois

Now, let’s head over to the windy city, where marijuana sales have been blowing through the roof! In Illinois, December is always a strong month for cannabis enthusiasts, and 2023 was no exception. After a bit of a rollercoaster ride earlier in the year, adult-use receipts shot up nearly $15 million from November to December.

And get this—legal cannabis sales in Illinois reached just under $2 billion for the year! That’s a lot of greenbacks.

But wait, there’s more!

Maryland’s Marijuana Sales Record

Next stop: Maryland. The state opened its doors to legal cannabis sales for adults in July 2023, and boy, did they hit the ground running. By the end of the year, recreational marijuana had sold over $330 million worth of goods!

In December alone, they raked in more than $61.5 million from recreational sales, with medical sales not far behind. Looks like Marylanders are really taking a shine to the green scene.

Massachusetts’ Marijuana Sales Record

Heading up north to Massachusetts, where marijuana retailers are laughing all the way to the bank! In December, they sold a record $158.7 million worth of cannabis products, bringing their yearly total to nearly $1.8 billion. That’s a lot of green love in the Bay State!

And get this—not only are they breaking records left and right, but they’re also raking in more tax revenue from marijuana than alcohol. Cheers to that!

Michigan’s Marijuana Sales Record

Now, let’s talk about Michigan. The Great Lakes State saw over $3 billion in cannabis purchases in 2023, with the vast majority coming from adult-use sales. In December alone, they tallied a record $279.9 million in total sales!

Officials even reported that tax revenue from legal marijuana grew by a whopping 49 percent compared to the previous year. Looks like Michigan is blazing a trail in the green !

Missouri’s Marijuana Sales Record

Down in the Show-Me State, things are heating up in the marijuana . Since launching adult-use sales in February 2023, they’ve been seeing around $100 million in monthly sales!

And get this—despite a slight dip in overall sales, December still saw a record-breaking $106.5 million in adult-use sales alone. Looks like Missourians are showing some serious love for the green stuff!

New Mexico’s Marijuana Sales Record

Let’s head out west to New Mexico, where the green rush is in full swing! In December, legal marijuana sales soared to $50.5 million, setting records for both recreational and medical markets.

And here’s the kicker—the average transaction price in both markets has been on the rise, signaling a growing appetite for the green stuff in the Land of Enchantment!

Rhode Island’s Marijuana Sales Record

Last but not least, let’s talk about Rhode Island. In December 2023, adult-use marijuana purchases hit nearly $7.8 million, doubling from the previous year. Overall, the state saw over $100 million in legal marijuana sales in 2023!

Looks like the Ocean State is riding the green wave with style!

So there you have it, folks—the latest and greatest in marijuana sales records across the country. From Connecticut to California, the green is in full swing!

Thanks to Ben Adlin for reporting on this blazing hot topic!


  • Q: Why are marijuana sales records important?
  • A: Marijuana sales records provide valuable insights into the growth and acceptance of the . They also highlight the of legalization on states.
  • Q: How do marijuana sales compare to alcohol sales?
  • A: In some states, marijuana sales are surpassing alcohol sales in terms of tax revenue generated. This shift reflects changing consumer preferences and attitudes towards cannabis.
  • Q: What challenges do states face in regulating marijuana sales?
  • A: States must navigate complex regulatory frameworks to ensure safe and responsible cannabis sales. This includes addressing issues such as access and impaired driving.

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