Missouri Marijuana Sales Surpass $1 Billion in 2023

Marijuana Sales 2023: A Year in Review

Hey there, fellow cannabis ! In this blog, we’re going to dive deep into the world of marijuana sales in 2023. It’s been quite a year for the , with highs, lows, and everything in between. So, roll up a joint, grab your favorite strain, and let’s take a toke of knowledge together.

The Green Milestone: $1 Billion in Sales

2023 has seen Missouri’s marijuana businesses hit a milestone that’s bound to leave everyone green with envy. We’re talking about a whopping $1 billion in cannabis sales. That’s right, my friends! The Show-Me State has shown us that cannabis is not only here to stay but also thriving.

But wait, there’s more! In October alone, retailers raked in approximately $95.5 million from adult-use sales and an additional $17.6 million from . While these numbers dipped slightly from the previous month, they contributed to the grand total of over $1.1 billion in cannabis sales for the year.

The Cannabis Roller Coaster: Ups and Downs

Now, let’s talk trends. Adult-use cannabis sales have been steadily climbing since the recreational market opened its doors in February. On the flip side, medical marijuana sales have been on a gradual . It’s like a roller coaster ride of highs and lows, and we’re all strapped in for the journey.

But here’s the kicker: This year has also witnessed a decrease in registered medical marijuana patients, caregivers, and patient cultivators. It’s a reminder that the cannabis landscape is ever-evolving, and we’re here for it.

Dollar Bills and Tax Thrills

Hold onto your hats, folks! The cannabis industry isn’t just about getting high; it’s also bringing in some serious greenbacks for the state. From all cannabis sales since 2020, the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services (DHHS) has collected a cool $1.7 billion. Talk about a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow!

And here’s where it gets even more interesting. Out of the generated, a sweet $17 million is earmarked for supporting veterans’ health, , and legal aid. It’s heartwarming to see the cannabis community giving back to those who’ve served our country.

A Bumpy Road for Missouri’s Cannabis System

But, hey, it hasn’t been all smooth sailing in the Missouri marijuana scene. This year has been filled with twists and turns, like a joint that just won’t stay lit. One major incident involved tens of thousands of products being recalled due to the alleged use of from outside the state. It’s a reminder that quality control is of utmost importance.

Regulators had their hands full, especially when they moved to revoke the license of Delta Extraction, the company at the heart of the controversy. This situation also shed light on the practices at product testing labs, which had faced criticism earlier in the year for their alleged “lab shopping” to achieve higher THC potency numbers.

Another episode featured Retailer Point Management, doing business as Shangri-La in Columbia, settling a dispute with a union over 15 charges of unfair labor practices. Labor issues in the cannabis industry? It’s a topic we need to keep an eye on.

Lawmakers vs. Regulators: A Battle of Wits

Missouri’s marijuana system has seen lawmakers and regulators locking horns like two bulls in a field. Earlier this month, lawmakers accused state marijuana regulators of overstepping their authority when it came to setting new rules on product branding and packaging aimed at limiting appeal to children. It’s a classic case of the trying to keep cannabis out of the hands of minors.

But that’s not all. Businesses also filed a lawsuit last month challenging the “stacked” local and county taxes, claiming they are unconstitutional. It’s a reminder that the business side of cannabis can get just as complex as the plant itself.

Inhale, Exhale, and Reflect

So, there you have it, folks! A whirlwind tour of Missouri’s cannabis journey in 2023. We’ve seen the industry hit the billion-dollar mark, navigate through highs and lows, and even face some legal turbulence along the way.

As we wrap up our cannabis conversation, let’s take a moment to reflect. The world of marijuana sales is ever-evolving, and it’s a wild ride that we’re all on together. So, whether you’re a seasoned stoner or just a curious onlooker, remember to inhale, exhale, and stay tuned for what the future holds for Marijuana Sales 2023.


Thanks to Ben Adlin for reporting this blazing news!

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