Missouri Lawmakers Debate Marijuana Regulations and Robot Label Ban

Marijuana Regulations: Navigating the Green Tape

Hey there, fellow cannabis enthusiasts! Today, we’re diving into the evergreen topic of marijuana regulations. I mean, let’s face it; we’re living in exciting times where the green herb is slowly but surely making its way into the mainstream. But along with this acceptance comes a whole lot of rules and regulations. So, let’s roll up our sleeves and break it down.

What’s the Deal with Marijuana Regulations, Anyway?

First things first, what are these marijuana regulations, and why should you even care? Well, picture this: you’re walking into your favorite dispensary, ready to grab your stash of the finest herb, and suddenly, you’re faced with labels that seem like they’re straight out of a sci-fi movie.

You’ve got robots, aliens, and who knows what else lurking on those labels. The big question is, should they even be there? That’s exactly what a bunch of Missouri lawmakers have been debating. You see, they’ve been discussing whether it makes sense to these futuristic figures from marijuana product labels.

To Ban or Not to Ban: That Is the Question

So, here’s the deal – the state of Missouri is all about keeping marijuana products out of the hands of kids. Fair enough, right? That’s why they’ve already banned images of humans, animals, and fruits from these labels. But what about robots and aliens? Are they a threat to the youth too?

Senator Nick Schroer, a St. Charles Republican, and chair of the Joint Committee on Administrative Rules, chimed in during one of the meetings, saying, “A robot is not encompassed within the definition of a human or the shape of a human.” And he’s got a point, hasn’t he? I mean, aliens and robots, in most cases, don’t resemble humans at all.

But then, Division of Regulation Director Amy Moore threw in her two cents. She argued that some robots and aliens do look pretty human-like. So, who gets to decide whether they’re a threat or not? According to her, it’s the cannabis regulators’ job to make that call.

The Power Struggle Over a Line in the Constitution

Now, here’s where the real drama unfolds. It all boils down to one line in the Missouri constitutional amendment that legalized last year. It that labels and packaging for marijuana-related products “shall not be made to be attractive to children…to protect public .”

Missouri is one of the few states that require plain packaging in the adult-use . Businesses have until May to comply with these rules, and they’re quite specific. Packaging should be one primary color and can have up to two logos or symbols, and those can be different colors. But here’s the twist: the committee and the marijuana industry leaders don’t seem too happy with these rules.

The Committee Takes a Stand

The committee has been vocal about its opposition to these rules right from the get-go. And during a recent hearing, they voted 9-0 to send a report to the department, House, and Senate leaders, stating that the division overstepped its with the new packaging guidance.

Now, you might wonder why they’re so worked up about this. Well, it seems that the committee, along with the industry folks, finds these rules too darn complicated. They’re also questioning the division’s overall authority to set these plain packaging rules. In their view, these rules just don’t seem to make sense when it comes to protecting the kids.

What’s the Fuss All About, Anyway?

State Representative Peter Merideth, a St. Louis Democrat and a committee member, summed it up pretty well, saying, “What we’re saying is these [rules] aren’t rationally related to protecting kids, and they are not something that you have authority to do under our constitution.” In other words, they want to ensure that the division isn’t overstepping its boundaries.

Now, Merideth has been mostly speaking on behalf of the marijuana businesses during these committee hearings. He hasn’t really heard from constituents who are concerned about the issue. But it’s a different story for Nichole Dawsey, the executive director of PreventEd, formerly known as the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse.

Why Preventing Edibles from Looking Cool Matters

Dawsey has a different take on things. She’s been hearing from parents who are genuinely worried about their kids getting hold of cannabis products with enticing labels. And trust me, this isn’t just paranoia. A study published earlier this year in the journal Pediatrics revealed that calls to poison control centers about kids 5 and under consuming THC-containing spiked by a whopping 1,375% from 2017 to 2021.

That’s a massive jump, and it’s based on over 7,000 pediatric cases reported to the National Poison Data System. Labels and packaging play a significant role here. They can also impact teenagers who are just starting to experiment with cannabis and may not fully grasp how potent edibles and vapes can be compared to smoking the herb.

In Conclusion: Why Clarity Matters

So, there you have it, folks. The marijuana regulations in Missouri is all about finding that delicate balance between allowing creativity in branding and ensuring that kids stay away from the green stuff. While it might seem a bit amusing to argue over whether aliens and robots should be on labels, it’s all about being crystal clear in an industry that’s on the rise.

Clear labeling can save kids from accidental ingestions, and it can also help teenagers make informed choices. Plus, it keeps everyone in check and ensures that we’re not sending mixed signals when it comes to the wonderful world of cannabis.

And there you have it, my friends – a laid-back yet serious look at the marijuana regulations hoopla in Missouri. Remember, let’s keep it safe, let’s keep it clear, and let’s keep enjoying the herb responsibly.


1. Why are robots and aliens being debated in marijuana regulations?

Robots and aliens are being debated in marijuana regulations because the state of Missouri wants to ensure that marijuana product labels don’t appeal to children. The debate centers on whether these futuristic figures should be banned from marijuana product labels to protect public health.

2. What is the key point of contention in the marijuana regulations debate in Missouri?

The key point of contention in the marijuana regulations debate in Missouri is whether the rules, including plain packaging requirements, are overly complicated and whether they genuinely protect children. Lawmakers and industry leaders are questioning the division’s authority in setting these rules.

3. Why is clear labeling essential in the cannabis industry?

Clear labeling is essential in the to prevent accidental ingestions by children and to help teenagers make informed choices. It also ensures that the industry is not sending mixed signals when it comes to the responsible use of cannabis.

*Thanks to Rebecca Rivas of Missouri Independent for reporting on this.*

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