Missouri Cannabis Clearance

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Missouri Cannabis Clearance: Approvals for Adult-Use Market

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Approvals for Adult-Use Market

Missouri have given clearance for the first dispensaries to sell marijuana to adult consumers. The state Department of Health and Senior Services (DHSS) has approved 335 facilities, including dispensaries, manufacturers, and facilities, to operate in the adult-use .

Applications for Home Cultivation

Missouri residents can now apply to grow their own at home. The Department of Health and Senior Services has started accepting applications from adults for lawful cultivation of marijuana plants. The state’s voter-approved marijuana law requires individuals to apply for to cultivate their own plants.

Legislative Attempts for Legalization

Missouri witnessed legislative attempts to legalize marijuana, including a bill introduced by Rep. Ron Hicks. However, these attempts did not advance, and the Supreme Court’s ruling on a legal challenge to the activist-led confirmed the placement of on the ballot.

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