Milestones and Reforms: Cannabis News Roundup

<a rel="nofollow" title="Cannabis" href="">Cannabis</a> News Roundup: Milestones, Reforms, and Growing Momentum

Cannabis News Roundup: Milestones, Reforms, and Growing Momentum

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DEA Celebrates 50th Anniversary

The Drug Enforcement Administration commemorates its 50th anniversary, marking five decades of enforcing criminalization laws. Despite widespread cannabis legalization across the country, the DEA continues its efforts to combat drug-related activities.

Florida Governor Bans Consumable Hemp Products for Under 21

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signs a bill expanding the prohibition on young people purchasing smokable hemp products. The new law now includes a ban on sales of any consumable hemp products to individuals under 21, including cannabis “chewing gum.”

California Bill Advances Worker Protections

The California Assembly Judiciary Committee approves a bill that prohibits employers from inquiring about prior marijuana use during job applications. This legislation builds upon existing worker protections related to cannabis, which were signed into law by the governor in the previous year.

Scotland Urges Decriminalization and Safe Consumption Sites

The Scottish government calls upon the United Kingdom to put an end to the “failed” war on drugs by enacting decriminalization measures and establishing safe consumption sites. These reforms aim to prevent overdose deaths and address the shortcomings of current drug policies.

Missouri Eases Access to Banks for Marijuana Businesses

Missouri Governor Mike Parson signs legislation enabling marijuana businesses to have improved access to banks. State agencies can now share cannabis licensing and inspection information with financial institutions, facilitating smoother financial transactions for the industry. Additionally, the new law“`html
expands fingerprint background check requirements for individuals working in the marijuana industry.

New Jersey Medical Cannabis Sales and Unique Benefits

As the recreational marijuana market grows in New Jersey, medical cannabis sales have seen a decline. Regulators aim to raise awareness among patients about the unique benefits of the medical program, such as discounts, waived taxes, and higher purchase limits.

Federal Prohibition and State Legalization Patchwork

Ongoing federal marijuana prohibition has resulted in a patchwork of state legalization laws, leading to inconsistencies in testing and safety regulations. This situation creates confusion for and businesses operating in the .

Marianne Williamson’s Drug Policy Approach

Democratic presidential candidate Marianne Williamson expresses support for rescheduling marijuana and adopting a drug decriminalization approach similar to Portugal’s model.

Marijuana Plant Found in Jackie Kennedy’s Garden

A new book recounts the discovery of a marijuana plant growing in former First Lady Jackie Kennedy’s garden on Cape Cod, adding an intriguing historical twist to the cannabis narrative.

Cornyn Suggests Blocking Veterans Medical Cannabis Research Bill

Senator John Cornyn suggests that Republicans blocked a medical cannabis research bill to avoid giving Senator Jon Tester a victory during his reelection campaign.

Gaetz Supports Enlisting Americans with Prior Cannabis Use

Representative Matt Gaetz expresses his belief that prior cannabis use should not disqualify Americans from enlisting in the armed forces, emphasizing the importance of embracing individuals who are willing to serve the country.

Pressley’s Call for Legalizing Marijuana

Representative Ayanna Pressley advocates for marijuana legalization, expungement of records, and an end to the War on Drugs, emphasizing the need for racial and economic justice.

First Legal Recreational Marijuana Dispensaries Open in New York

New York Governor Kathy Hochul celebrates the opening of the first recreational marijuana dispensaries in the Bronx and on Long Island, marking a significant milestone in the state’s cannabis industry.

Virginia Governor Not Interested in Further Marijuana Legalization

Virginia’s agriculture and consumer services commissioner states that Governor Glenn Youngkin is not inclined towards further moves to legalize adult recreational use of marijuana in the state.

Wisconsin’s Support for Legalizing Responsible Adult Cannabis Usage

The Senate minority leader of Wisconsin highlights the strong support among Wisconsinites, with 69% in favor of legalizing responsible adult usage of cannabis. However, Republicans in the state legislature have not aligned with the will of the people.

Medical Cannabis Legalization Unlikely in North Carolina

A co-chair of the North Carolina House Health Committee expresses skepticism about the passage of a medical cannabis legalization bill during the current legislative session.

Maryland Reduces Fines for Public Marijuana Smoking

A Maryland delegate discusses the recently reduced fines for public marijuana smoking in the state, reflecting a more lenient approach towards cannabis use.

Voluntary Recall of Marijuana Products in Michigan

Michigan regulators announce a voluntary recall of certain marijuana products due to non-compliant creation and practices, prioritizing consumer safety and adherence to regulations.

Ohio’s Transition to New Division for Medical Cannabis Program

The Ohio Board of Pharmacy relinquishes control over the state’s medical cannabis program, establishing a new Division of Marijuana Control within the Department of Commerce to oversee program operations.

Alabama to Redo Medical Cannabis Business Licensing

Alabama regulators plan to redo the process for awarding medical cannabis business on August 10, aiming to address concerns and ensure fairness in the licensing process. Additionally, more companies join litigation against the licensing process.

New Tracking Code for Distribution of Marijuana Excise Tax Revenue in Washington

Washington State regulators introduce a new tracking code to facilitate the distribution of marijuana excise tax revenue to cities and counties, ensuring transparency and proper of funds.

Oklahoma’s Medical Marijuana Authority Executive Director Elected to Board

The Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority announces that its executive director has been elected to the board of the Cannabis Regulators Association, contributing to the advancement of effective cannabis regulation.

Mayor Claims Misleading Information on Recreational Marijuana Ballot Initiative

The mayor of Troy, Michigan, alleges that individuals behind a local initiative promoting recreational marijuana businesses are misleading voters, raising concerns about the accuracy of information presented.

Bavaria’s Health Minister Opposes Federal Marijuana Legalization

The health minister of Bavaria, Germany, urges the federal government to abandon its plan for marijuana legalization, highlighting opposition to the proposed policy change.

Portugal Officials Express Concerns about Drug Decriminalization

Officials in Porto, Portugal, voice concerns about the country’s drug decriminalization policy, signaling the need for a comprehensive evaluation of its effectiveness and potential impact.

Study Finds Antibacterial and Antifungal Properties in Cannabis

A study reveals that various cannabis extracts exhibit antibacterial and antifungal activities, shedding light on the potential medical applications of cannabis compounds.

Study Suggests Cannabis Terpene Blends for Autism Spectrum Disorder

Research conducted on mice suggests that cannabis terpene blends could enhance CBD-based for autism spectrum disorder, indicating potential synergistic effects between terpenes and cannabinoids.

AMA Releases New Code for Psychedelic Therapy

The American“`html
Medical Association (AMA) releases the full text of its new Current Procedural Terminology code for psychedelic therapy, recognizing the growing interest and potential benefits of psychedelic-assisted treatments.

Bloc Dispensary Workers Vote to Join Union

Workers at Bloc Dispensary in Valley Park, Missouri, to join Teamsters Local 618, highlighting the increasing unionization efforts within the cannabis industry to protect workers’ rights and improve working conditions.

Akanda Corp. Not in Compliance with Nasdaq’s Requirements

Akanda Corp. receives a notification stating that it is not in compliance with Nasdaq’s minimum bid price requirements, potentially impacting the company’s standing and future operations.

Curaleaf Holdings Declines to Comment on Speculation

Curaleaf Holdings, Inc. issues a statement refusing to comment on media speculation regarding potential transactions involving the company, maintaining a cautious approach to public discussions.

AYR Wellness Announces Refinancing and Mortgage Upsizing

AYR Wellness Inc. announces the successful completion of a $40 million refinancing and upsizing of its mortgage for its Gainesville, Florida cultivation facility, ensuring financial stability and supporting expansion plans.

David Simon Seeks Leniency in Sentencing Related to Drug Overdose

David Simon, creator of “The Wire,” requests leniency in the sentencing of an individual convicted of selling drugs to actor Michael K. Williams, who tragically succumbed to an overdose. The case highlights the complexities and human toll of drug-related offenses.


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