Media Softball League Makes History with CBD Sponsorship Deal, Following MLB’s Lead

CBD Sponsorship Revolutionizes Media Softball League, Inspired by MLB Partnership

The Softball League (NYMSL) has embarked on a groundbreaking journey by embracing the cannabis industry. A Kentucky-based CBD company, Cornbread Hemp, has entered into a new sponsorship deal with the league, sparking a CBD sponsorship revolution. Teams representing renowned media outlets such as The Wall Street Journal, High Times, and BuzzFeed are among those participating in NYMSL. Cornbread Hemp’s partnership will include joining the league’s playoff series in September, providing with logo-embroidered hats and samples of their CBD , including gummies and topicals.

Taking cues from Major League Baseball (MLB) and other teams like the Kansas City Royals and Chicago Cubs, NYMSL Commissioner Steve Bloom, a former High Times editor and current CelebStoner site runner, expressed surprise at the pitch from Cornbread Hemp’s co-founder. However, Bloom sees the Media Softball League as the perfect platform for Cornbread Hemp to initiate a CBD sponsorship revolution.

Jim Higdon, an author and former journalist associated with Cornbread Hemp, acknowledged that NYMSL players represent an important customer base for their CBD products. As active adults dealing with exercise-induced inflammation, players’ reliance on rather than pharmaceuticals aligns with Cornbread Hemp’s mission to enhance their customers’ quality of life. Moreover, Higdon recognizes the added value of partnering with some of the finest news outlets in America through NYMSL.

The collaboration between Cornbread Hemp and NYMSL signifies a significant milestone for both organizations. The league’s players, who have been at the forefront of advocating for cannabinoid use to treat injuries, stand to benefit greatly from Cornbread Hemp’s CBD offerings. Commissioner Bloom emphasizes that athletes have similar needs and expresses gratitude towards Cornbread Hemp for stepping up to the plate and making this historic relationship possible.

Interestingly, the influence of cannabis extends beyond the softball media league and MLB. Even in the congressional softball league in Washington, D.C., a team called the “One Hitters,” comprising drug policy reform , has been sponsored by a Colorado cannabis company. This progressive approach aligns with the evolving rules surrounding marijuana for professional athletes as more states legalize its use.

For instance, the National Basketball Association (NBA) and its players union recently revised their collective bargaining agreement to remove marijuana from the list of banned substances. The agreement also outlines rules allowing players to invest in and promote cannabis brands, albeit with certain exceptions. In a similar vein, the National Collegiate Athletics Association (NCAA) committee focused on health and wellness for student athletes has proposed removing marijuana from the organization’s banned substances list.

The changing landscape of marijuana regulations extends to various sports organizations. sports regulators, earlier this year, voted to propose a regulatory amendment that would safeguard athletes from penalties associated with using or possessing marijuana in compliance with state law. Furthermore, UFC announced in 2021 that fighters will no longer face punishment for positive marijuana tests. In the National Football League (NFL), the drug testing policy underwent significant changes in 2020 as part of a collective bargaining agreement.

Building upon these advancements, the NFL and its players union recently announced their joint commitment to funding independent research on the therapeutic of CBD as an alternative pain treatment to opioids for players with concussions. This forward-thinking approach signifies a collective effort to explore the potential of CBD in the sports world.

As the Media Softball League forges ahead with its CBD sponsorship revolution, inspired by MLB’s groundbreaking partnership, it sets a precedent for other athletic organizations to explore the benefits of cannabis products. The collaboration between Cornbread Hemp and NYMSL not only offers players a chance to experience the positive of CBD but also fosters a greater understanding of its potential in sports-related wellness. This historic relationship serves as a catalyst for further exploration and research into the realm of CBD sponsorship in the sporting arena.

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