Massachusetts Marijuana Sales Skyrocket to Record $152 Million in June, Surpassing Alcohol Tax Revenue

Record-breaking Cannabis Sales in Massachusetts Surpass $152 Million in June

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-breaking cannabis sales in Massachusetts have reached an all-time high, with sales soaring to nearly $152 million, according to state data. The state’s market, launched in November 2018, witnessed this remarkable monthly achievement. The Cannabis Control Commission (CCC) reported that alone accounted for $132.8 million last month, while marijuana purchases amounted to $19 million. Since the market’s opening five years ago, Massachusetts has generated a staggering $4.74 billion in adult-use sales.


In terms of consumer preferences, flower products remained the top choice among adult consumers, closely followed by vape products, pre-rolls, edibles, and concentrates. Notably, the average price of flower cannabis dropped to a record low of $5.82 per gram last month, according to the CCC data.

What makes these record-breaking sales even more noteworthy is the fact that neighboring states like Connecticut and New York are also expanding their adult-use markets. One might assume that this would decrease purchases from out-of-state visitors. However, Connecticut witnessed its own record high sales last month, totaling $24 million since the opening of the state’s recreational industry six months ago. Similarly, Maryland’s adult-use cannabis market launched this month, with marijuana sales surpassing $10 million during the opening weekend.

Last year, Massachusetts made another significant milestone by generating more tax revenue from marijuana than alcohol, as confirmed by the state’s data. The CCC highlighted the advantages provided by Marijuana Establishments and Medical Marijuana Treatment Centers, including tested products with detailed packaging and labeling information, statewide accessibility for adults and patients seeking alternatives to the illicit market, and crucial adult-use cannabis tax revenue supporting initiatives such as youth campaigns and community reinvestment funds.

Additionally, there have been recent developments in the realm of therapeutic psychedelics in Massachusetts. Political strategists quietly filed paperwork to introduce a therapeutic psychedelics legalization on the state’s 2024 ballot. Furthermore, a Republican lawmaker in the legislature recently filed three psychedelics reform bills, proposing the legalization of substances like psilocybin and the rescheduling of MDMA pending approval, while also suggesting a price cap on therapeutic access. Other legislators have introduced several psychedelics-related bills, including measures to legalize certain entheogenic substances for adults. Additionally, a bill has been proposed to authorize the Department of Public to conduct a comprehensive study on the potential therapeutic effects of synthetic psychedelics like MDMA.

Massachusetts continues to be at the forefront of cannabis and psychedelics legislation, experiencing tremendous growth in its marijuana market and exploring the potential benefits of therapeutic psychedelics. The record-breaking sales not only demonstrate the demand for cannabis products but also highlight the state’s evolving regulatory landscape and the potential economic and therapeutic opportunities that lie ahead.

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