Groundbreaking Experiment Unveils Optimal Joint Size for Maximum Cannabis Experience

Unlocking the Secret to the Perfect Marijuana Joint: Researchers Achieve Breakthrough

Researchers may have reached a significant breakthrough in the pursuit of rolling the perfect joint. Delic Labs, a renowned marijuana and research facility based in Vancouver, conducted a pioneering experiment to explore the impact of ground-up cannabis flower size on consumers’ experience. This study, presented during a 4:20 PM session at the Canadian Chemistry Conference and Exhibition in Vancouver, revealed fascinating insights into joint architecture and cannabinoid concentration at different stages of consumption.

Delic Labs researchers meticulously ground marijuana into one-, three-, and five-millimeter-diameter particles. These particles were then packed into commercially available pre-rolled papers and subjected to analysis using a sophisticated “smoke cycle simulator” device. The device replicated the inhalation by consistently inhaling several times at a constant rate while measuring the cannabinoid concentration in the resulting smoke.

The experiment’s findings, unveiled at the conference, were nothing short of groundbreaking. The research indicated that the joints rolled with 1mm grounds delivered the most potent hit, boasting elevated levels of cannabinoids such as and CBD. However, these smaller joints burned faster compared to their larger counterparts, with the 5mm joints offering a longer-lasting experience.

According to a powerpoint slide displayed at the conference, the observed variability emphasizes the need to enhance joint architecture to optimize consumer experiences. The study showcased that joint size, specifically the ground-up cannabis diameter, plays a crucial role in the overall impact on users.

Notably, joints rolled with 1mm cannabis diameter delivered an average of 0.67mg of THC per hit, while the 5mm joints averaged 0.51mg THC per puff. This experiment challenges the prevailing consumer wisdom that focuses solely on THC concentration when selecting joints, highlighting the significance of cannabis particle size.

Moreover, the study yielded an intriguing revelation regarding CBD-dominant strains. The analysis indicated that these strains provided a considerably higher amount of the primary cannabinoid per puff compared to THC-rich varieties. Markus Roggen, the president of Delic Labs, expressed his fascination, stating, “The amount of cannabinoid that gets to your mouth is higher for CBD than for THC.” Although unexplained, this finding warrants further exploration and investigation.

While the implications of this study extend beyond the marijuana , it also raises questions about the validity of previous research that relied on actual joints to draw conclusions. Would these studies yield significantly different if cannabis was ground up at alternative sizes?

The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), for instance, has financed several studies investigating the health risks and of cannabis, often utilizing marijuana joints. Considering the results of the Canadian study, it becomes pertinent to reassess the potential impact of ground-up cannabis size on various forms of consumption, including vaping dried flower or using bongs.

Delic Labs expressed their eagerness to delve deeper into other factors such as side stream, aerosol particle size, exhaust temperature and particles, as well as explore additional cannabinoids and . By expanding their research, they aim to provide a comprehensive of the many variables that contribute to the overall cannabis experience.

In conclusion, the breakthrough achieved by Delic Labs in unraveling the secret to the perfect marijuana joint is poised to revolutionize the industry. The study’s findings emphasize the significance of joint architecture and ground-up cannabis size in shaping consumers’ experiences. As further research unfolds, we may witness a paradigm shift in how cannabis select and appreciate their preferred consumption methods.

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