Federally Legal Fallout: Maryland Hemp Business Faces Closure Amid Cannabis Legalization Push

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Maryland Hemp Industry Grapples with Closure as Cannabis Legalization Takes Hold

In a striking turn of events, the mayor of Federalsburg has revealed that the recent legalization of cannabis in Maryland is driving her and her husband to shut down their thriving and sell off their beloved Eastern Shore hemp farm. The key factor behind this unfortunate decision is the new legalizing cannabis, which has effectively squeezed them out of the market they once flourished in.

Kimberly Abner, along with her husband Ken and brother-in-law, has passionately nurtured a small hemp venture named Cannamedus for the past three years. Their specialty lies in crafting enticing gummy and vape products. However, the wave of legalization has dramatically shifted the tides against them.

At a cannabis symposium sponsored by the Maryland Municipal League, Abner addressed House Economic Matters Chair Del. C.T. Wilson (D-Charles) with a heartfelt lament: “I’m the face of one of the that you just put out of business. I have a Maryland hemp farm. I have a business that sells federally hemp products, and my stores are now calling me to take the product back out of their stores because of this bill.”

The Abner duo initially aspired to carve a niche in Maryland’s medical cannabis industry, but the elusive slipped through their grasp. This setback led them to embrace the hemp market, a legal avenue for selling and cultivating within the state. “Since we didn’t get a , we went with the hemp products because we could get into that market and we can legally sell it and legally grow it in the state of Maryland,” explained Abner in an interview.

As Maryland’s hemp industry finds itself at a crossroads, the Abners’ story serves as a poignant reminder of the complex interplay between legal reforms and the livelihoods they impact.

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