Federal Appeals Court Shatters Barriers: Marijuana Users Win Second Amendment Victory

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Second Amendment Victory: Federal Appeals Court Rules Marijuana Users Can Own Firearms

A federal appeals court has delivered a groundbreaking ruling, declaring that the ban on individuals using marijuana from owning firearms is unconstitutional. This marks a significant blow to the long-standing federal , which has been under scrutiny across the nation. The decision comes as part of a series of challenges challenging the ban’s validity.

**Landmark **: In a unanimous decision, a three-judge panel decided on Wednesday to overturn the conviction of a man sentenced to almost four years in prison. This individual had been apprehended with firearms and admitted to occasional cannabis use. The **Second victory** is based on a 2022 Supreme Court ruling that mandates firearm restrictions to align with the historical context of the Second Amendment’s original ratification in 1791.

**Uncharted Territory**: The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit pointed out the federal government’s to establish a historical precedent for disarming individuals who used or alcohol at one point from possessing firearms at another. The appeals court highlighted the lack of justification for disarming a sober citizen solely based on their past use. Reagan-appointed U.S. Circuit Judge Jerry Smith articulated this stance, emphasizing that disarming nonviolent drug users lacks support from historical traditions.

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