Delaware Installs Robert Coupe as First Marijuana Commissioner, Paving the Way for Adult-Use Cannabis Market

Delaware Names Robert Coupe as First Marijuana Commissioner, Revolutionizing Adult-Use Cannabis Market

Delaware has made a significant stride towards the establishment of a thriving cannabis market by appointing Robert Coupe as its inaugural Marijuana . With his extensive background in enforcement and public service, Coupe assumes the responsibility of overseeing the regulatory framework for the state’s burgeoning marijuana industry.

Having dedicated almost three decades of his career to the Delaware State Police, culminating in his appointment as superintendent, Coupe brings a wealth of experience to his new role. Notably, he previously served as the secretary of Delaware’s Department of and Homeland , as well as the chief of staff to the and the Department of and Information.

As the newly appointed Marijuana Commissioner, Coupe’s mandate includes the establishment of a regulatory office, drafting regulations that have yet to be addressed by state lawmakers, and issuing licenses for up to 125 businesses engaged in the cultivation and sale of adult-use cannabis. Delaware’s legalization of recreational marijuana in April 2023 follows the successful introduction of medical cannabis in 2015.

Governor John Carney, known for his initial opposition to legalization, allowed the legalization bill to become law without signing it, underscoring the significance of this appointment. In a statement, Carney expressed confidence in Coupe, affirming that he is the perfect candidate to tackle this novel challenge.

As the wheels of continue to turn, Coupe is projected to authorize the first licenses for adult-use cannabis in the summer of 2024. Notably, the state’s legislation mandates that out of the initial 30 licenses to be issued by the end of 2024, 15 are reserved exclusively for social equity applicants. Moreover, of the first 30 cultivation permits, which permit up to 1 acre of canopy, 10 are also earmarked for social equity applicants.

Delaware’s appointment of Robert Coupe as its first Marijuana Commissioner heralds an era of transformation within the state’s cannabis landscape. With his leadership and expertise, the stage is set for a vibrant and inclusive adult-use market that embraces the principles of social equity and responsible regulation.


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