DEA Encourages Youth to Chase “Digital Highs” and Become Instagram Influencers, Debunking Drug Use

Digital Highs: DEA Urges Youth to Pursue Instagram Fame Instead of Drugs

The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) has an important message for today’s young generation: Instead of succumbing to the allure of , they should set their sights on becoming influential figures on Instagram. In an effort to promote alternative avenues for experiencing a “natural high,” the has shared “7 Better Highs,” including the pursuit of Instagram fame, indulging in video , and visiting pet stores to appreciate animals.

While some of the suggestions put forth by the DEA, such as hiking, playing sports, and visiting amusement parks, may appear conventional, the agency has also offered a few unconventional recommendations. Recognizing the popularity of Instagram, the DEA’s -focused Just Think Twice site encourages young individuals to take their presence on the platform more seriously, suggesting that it could lead to them becoming trendsetters and even potentially conquering the digital realm.

Despite the irony, as many of the activities listed by the agency as alternatives to drug use are often enjoyed alongside the of cannabis, the DEA advises against succumbing to boredom and turning to drugs. Ironically, video games—an activity that 54 percent of gamers reportedly engage in while using cannabis, according to a 2021 survey—are endorsed by the agency as an excellent means of escaping reality.

The DEA also suggests that learning to sing could provide a natural high. Addressing the cringing reactions of family members when attempting to sing along with favorite songs on the radio, the agency proposes taking voice lessons on YouTube as a way to improve singing skills. The challenge of this endeavor serves as a fun and engaging way to occupy one’s time, potentially leading to surprising personal growth and admiration from others.

“Who needs to do drugs? All of these activities can give you a natural high,” the DEA concludes, emphasizing the potential joy and fulfillment that can be found in digital highs and other wholesome pursuits.

As the DEA celebrated its 50th anniversary recently, marking half a century of enforcing criminalization that have not effectively eradicated drugs, nearly half of the country has moved towards legalizing marijuana, while psychedelics is gaining momentum. In response to a directive issued by President Joe Biden, the DEA is actively examining the scientific evidence surrounding cannabis and considering the possibility of removing it from Schedule I of the Controlled Substances Act (CSA).

Notably, the DEA’s own museum acknowledged the role of racially discriminatory drug laws in the agency’s establishment, further highlighting the need for reflection and reform in .

By promoting the pursuit of digital highs and encouraging young individuals to channel their energies into becoming Instagram influencers, the DEA aims to steer away from the allure of drugs and towards fulfilling and meaningful experiences that can be found in the digital realm.

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