Connecticut Legal Marijuana Sales Surge to Record Highs in November 2023

Legal Marijuana Sales: A High on the Rise

If you’ve been keeping your ear to the ground in the world of cannabis, you might have heard some exciting news. has seen a surge in Legal Marijuana Sales. To put it bluntly, the numbers are higher than ever before! Let’s roll into the details of what’s been happening in the Land of Steady Habits.

What Made November So Special?

November 2023 brought in some green for Connecticut, and I’m not talking about the foliage. We’re talking about a staggering $25.7 million in total marijuana sales for the month. That’s enough to make anyone do a double-take, even without the help of some potent indica.

But here’s the kicker: $15.4 million of that came from adult consumers. It’s the highest we’ve seen since the recreational market took off in January. Looks like people in Connecticut are really getting into the swing of things.

Medical Marijuana Holds Steady

While the recreational side of things is booming, marijuana sales held their ground at $10.3 million in November. After some consistent declines in recent months, this stability is definitely noteworthy. Medical marijuana remains an important part of the state’s cannabis landscape.

The Big Picture

So, what’s the grand total for 2023? State-licensed retailers have collectively raked in nearly a quarter of a billion dollars in cannabis sales. That’s right, you heard me correctly! The Connecticut Department of Consumer has the numbers to prove it.

The Highs and Lows of Product Types

Now, let’s talk about what’s flying off the shelves. Cannabis flower takes the top spot, making up 52 percent of the total sales for the year, amounting to a cool $128.8 million. It seems like people in Connecticut can’t get enough of that good old-fashioned bud.

Vape cartridges are trailing behind but still a solid contender, accounting for 28 percent of sales at $69 million. If you’re into vaping, Connecticut has got you covered.

After that, we’ve got the delicious infused edibles at 10 percent, dabbable extracts at 6 percent, and miscellaneous other products bringing up the rear with 4 percent. It’s a diverse menu, catering to all kinds of tastes and preferences.

The Price Tag

You might be wondering, how much does all this cannabis goodness cost? Well, the average product price is quite similar in both the medical marijuana and adult-use markets. It’s hovering around $36.99 and $38.44, respectively, according to state figures.

To put things into perspective, when recreational sales first kicked off in January, the average adult product was almost $9 more than its medical counterpart, at $44.61 compared to $35.68. It seems the price gap has closed a bit, making the recreational market more accessible to all.

Tracking the Green

The we’re talking about here isn’t just pulled out of thin air. It’s collected by the state’s seed-to-sale tracking system. Unfortunately, we can’t provide you with medical marijuana sales figures from before January 2023 because, well, they weren’t required to be tracked back then.

What Lies Ahead

One interesting development to keep your eyes on is how sales numbers will change as purchase limits increase for adults. As of December 1st, consumers can now buy twice as much marijuana in a single transaction, equivalent to a half-ounce, up from a quarter-ounce.

Regulators have made this adjustment after carefully assessing supply and demand in the state. It’s a move that could have a big impact on sales in the coming months.

Green Thanksgiving

Before we wrap things up, let’s talk turkey—well, not turkey, but Thanksgiving. Connecticut regulators made an interesting call last month. They banned alcohol sales on Thanksgiving but allowed marijuana retailers to stay open. Now that’s what I call a “green” Thanksgiving!

The Road Ahead

As we move forward, one burning question remains: should individuals who grow marijuana at home be allowed to sell their products at cannabis events? There’s a state task force that’s supposed to address this issue, but it hasn’t been formed yet, despite the deadline approaching. It’s a topic that could shape the future of cannabis in Connecticut.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, the Legal Marijuana Sales in Connecticut are on fire, setting left and right. The market is thriving, with diverse product offerings and that are getting more reasonable. Keep an eye out for those increased purchase limits, and who knows, maybe next Thanksgiving, you’ll have a green option for your celebrations.

And last but not least, a big shoutout to Ben Adlin for bringing us this fantastic news. Thanks, Ben, for keeping us in the loop on all things cannabis!

*Note: This article is based on the original work by Ben Adlin. We appreciate his contribution to the world of .*

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