Connecticut Attorney General Cracks Down on Dangerous Delta-8 THC Products Targeting Children, Retailers Face Legal Firestorm

<a href="" class="st_tag internal_tag " rel="tag" title="Posts tagged with delta-8 THC">Delta-8 THC</a> Crackdown: Connecticut Attorney General Takes Action Against Stores Selling Products Attracting Children

Delta-8 THC Crackdown: Connecticut Attorney General Takes Action Against Stores Selling Products Attracting Children

Connecticut’s Attorney General, William Tong, is making a powerful move in the fight against dangerous delta-8 THC products. He is taking action against five store operators for allegedly selling items containing delta-8 THC that are both violating the Connecticut Unfair Trade Practices Act and, disturbingly, often packaged in a manner that appeals to children.

In a statement, AG William Tong expressed his concern over the risks these look-alike edibles pose to accidental youth poisoning. The products being sold by the retailers in question have not been tested or approved for in Connecticut, and the ’s claims about THC content and safe serving sizes cannot be trusted.

The complaint filed by the Attorney General reinforces the warnings issued by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration regarding the potential dangers of delta-8 THC. This compound, derived from hemp using solvents and heat, has intoxicating effects.

Not stopping at legal action, the is also sending out warning letters to vape stores, notifying them that selling anything with over 0.3% THC requires a state-issued marijuana license. This move aims to ensure only licensed retailers with proper oversight and quality testing can distribute cannabis products.

It’s worth noting that cannabis in Connecticut began in January, but unlicensed retailers are strictly prohibited from selling cannabis products. AG Tong emphasizes that such products must meet rigorous testing and packaging requirements.

The consequences for unlicensed Connecticut retailers caught selling delta-8 THC products with supposed high THC levels are severe. They may face both criminal and civil penalties for violating the .

With this bold crackdown, Connecticut’s Attorney General is sending a clear message: the of children and consumers is paramount, and the state will take strong action against those who put them at risk by peddling dangerous delta-8 THC products.


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