Coalition Urges Expansion of Marijuana Banking Bill for Access to Stock Exchanges, Key Financial Services

Coalition Calls for Marijuana Banking Bill Expansion to Secure Access to Stock Exchanges and Key Financial Services

A coalition of marijuana advocacy groups is pushing for the expansion of a bipartisan marijuana banking bill to include provisions ensuring that cannabis have to all forms of financial services, including the opportunity to be listed on senior U.S. stock exchanges. The coalition, known as SAFE Banking for Equity, sent a letter to Senate Banking Committee leadership emphasizing the need for broader financial access and protections for the state-legal cannabis industry. They argue that without such access, in the cannabis sector are at a disadvantage and face in securing funding and competing with illicit markets.

Financial Access for the Cannabis Industry

The SAFE Banking Act, in its current form, aims to protect banks and certain depository institutions that work with state-licensed marijuana businesses from federal penalties. However, the coalition advocates for a more comprehensive safety net that encompasses all regulated financial institutions and services, such as depository services, lenders, equity financing, capital markets, investment services, insurance, broker dealers, fiduciaries, and payment processing. The letter highlights that providing equal access to financial institutions is vital for the economic growth of the state-legal cannabis industry.

Impact on Small and Minority-Owned Businesses

The coalition emphasizes that limited access to financial services hinders small and minority-owned cannabis companies from competing effectively or maintaining operations. It argues that without adequate capital, these businesses may struggle while illicit markets, including those backed by Chinese investors, thrive. The absence of equitable access to financial resources may lead to the dominating the industry, compromising public health, safety, and tax revenue. The coalition also underscores the importance of maintaining equity for social equity license holders and minority operators.

Unlocking Opportunities for Growth

The coalition highlights that granting cannabis businesses access to senior U.S. stock exchanges, rather than solely junior exchanges, would significantly increase their valuations. This, in turn, would reduce the amount of equity entrepreneurs need to give up for investment. It argues that maintaining equity is critical for social equity license holders who are required to retain majority ownership. Without access to substantial capital, social equity licenses would lose their transformative potential, and minority operators would struggle to succeed. The coalition emphasizes the importance of supporting a more equitable industry and avoiding the exclusion of small businesses while the illicit market thrives.

Congressional Outlook and Perspectives

While the coalition’s request aligns with the goals of promoting equity and addressing the of the drug war, some advocates express concerns about potential corporate consolidation and the prioritization of incremental reforms over more pressing issues. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and Banking Committee Chairman Sherrod Brown have indicated their commitment to advancing the SAFE Banking Act, potentially with amendments to incorporate additional provisions. However, the inclusion of stock exchange access for the cannabis industry remains a contentious issue among advocates.

Importance of Comprehensive Cannabis Reform

Advocates stress that focusing on stock exchange access without sufficient safeguards against monopolization and the inclusion of federal Small Business Administration services could exacerbate existing marketplace inequities. They urge lawmakers to consider a comprehensive approach to cannabis reform that addresses broader efforts, criminal justice reform, and social equity concerns. The conversations surrounding the SAFE Banking Act, among other cannabis reform proposals, continue in Congress as lawmakers work toward bipartisan solutions that prioritize the interests of marginalized communities and small businesses.


The coalition’s plea for an expanded marijuana banking bill resonates with the need for comprehensive financial access for the state-legal cannabis industry, including access to stock exchanges and various financial services. As discussions , the balance between promoting equity and ensuring effective regulations remains a key consideration for lawmakers.

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