City Royals Join Forces with Pure Spectrum CBD, Becoming Second MLB Team to Embrace Cannabis Partnership

MLB Cannabis Partnership: Kansas City Royals Collaborate with Pure Spectrum CBD, Becoming Second Team to Embrace the Trend

In a groundbreaking move, the Kansas City Royals have formed a new partnership with Pure Spectrum CBD, solidifying their position as the second Major League Baseball (MLB) team to venture into the . Based in Missouri, the Royals have joined forces with Pure Spectrum CBD, a renowned producer of hemp-derived cannabidiol products such as oils and gummies. Just two months after the teamed up with the CBD sparkling beverage brand MYND DRINKS, the Royals have now taken a leap forward in promoting education about the potential therapeutic benefits of CBD.

The embrace of the space by MLB teams is gaining momentum. Last year, MLB itself announced a league-wide partnership with a popular CBD brand, Charlotte’s Web Holdings, solidifying its position as the “Official CBD of MLB.” Now, the Kansas City Royals proudly follow suit, forging a partnership with Pure Spectrum, a company with strong ties to the local community. Sarah Tourville, the team’s executive vice president and chief commercial & community officer, expressed her excitement, stating that this collaboration offers a chance to support a brand with Kansas City connections and educate the community about the advantages of CBD.

Pure Spectrum CBD has been actively establishing its presence in the sports arena for several years. They have sponsored events like the CrossFit Games in 2018 and partnered with prominent U.S. Olympic governing bodies such as USA Triathlon and USA Weightlifting. For the CEO of Pure Spectrum, Dan Huerter, the partnership with the Kansas City Royals is a personal achievement as he hails from Kansas City. Huerter expressed his honor to work with an iconic organization and contribute to promoting health and wellness in his hometown community.

The partnership between Pure Spectrum and the Royals was inaugurated with the grand opening of the “Pure Spectrum Lodge” at Kauffman Stadium. This dedicated space, equipped with fans and misters, provides fans with an opportunity to relax, enjoy the game, and learn about the positive effects of CBD. As part of the collaboration, Pure Spectrum also served as the presenting partner for Yoga Day at the stadium, with upcoming events like Ag Night on August 1.

Last year, MLB announced that individual teams could sell partnerships to cannabis companies, under the condition that the products are certified by NSF International and the club receives authorization from the MLB commissioner’s office. Among major professional sports organizations in the U.S., MLB has been at the forefront of embracing changing marijuana policies. In 2020, the league clarified that players would not face punishment for using cannabis outside of work, but they couldn’t be personally sponsored by a marijuana company or hold investments in the industry.

MLB’s decision to remove cannabis from the list of banned substances in 2019 marked a significant milestone. Prior to that, players who tested positive for THC faced mandatory treatment and fines up to $35,000. However, the league shifted its focus from penalties to treatment, reaching an agreement with the players’ union. Players testing positive for opioids or cocaine, for instance, would only be penalized if they refused treatment.

As cannabis laws evolve and medical applications gain wider acceptance, various athletic governing bodies are relaxing their rules around . The National Basketball Association (NBA), for example, is eliminating player testing requirements for THC while allowing passive investments in the industry. Nevada sports regulators have also taken steps to protect athletes from penalties over marijuana use or possession in compliance with . The announced in 2021 that would no longer face punishment for positive marijuana tests. Furthermore, recommendations from a key committee suggest that NCAA student athletes will no longer automatically lose eligibility following a positive marijuana test.

In 2020, the National Football League (NFL) experienced notable in its drug testing policy as part of a collective bargaining agreement. These developments highlight the growing acceptance and progressive stance of sports organizations toward cannabis, with MLB leading the way in fostering partnerships and education surrounding CBD products.

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