Chicago Cubs Strike Historic Partnership with CBD Company, Leading the Way for MLB Teams

Chicago Cubs Make MLB History with Landmark CBD Partnership

In a groundbreaking move, the Chicago Cubs have become the first Major League Baseball (MLB) team to officially collaborate with a CBD company, solidifying their position as pioneers in the industry. This significant development comes after MLB’s league-wide with a popular CBD brand last year, but now marks the first instance of an individual club teaming up with a cannabis company. The Cubs have forged a remarkable alliance with MYND DRINKS, a CBD sparkling beverage brand, as announced by the team on Friday. With this agreement, MYND DRINKS’ products will be prominently marketed through signage at Wrigley Field and featured in various in-game promotions and experiences.

MLB’s decision to allow individual teams to form partnerships with cannabis companies has opened the doors to exciting new opportunities and offerings. To embark on this pioneering journey, prospective CBD businesses must have their products certified by NSF International, a reputable consumer safety and product-testing organization utilized by sports leagues. Additionally, the club must obtain authorization from the MLB commissioner’s office. Vice President of Corporate Partnerships at the Chicago Cubs, Alex Seyferth, expressed pride in being the first club to collaborate with a CBD company. However, he emphasized the importance of finding the right brand that aligns with the Cubs’ values and the overall of their fans.

The Cubs’ partnership launch with MYND DRINKS extends beyond mere marketing strategies. As part of the collaboration, the team is releasing a guided meditation on YouTube, narrated by Cubs radio play-by-play announcer Pat Hughes, providing fans with a unique and relaxing experience. In addition, the Cubs have curated a captivating “Sounds of Wrigley Field” playlist on Spotify, immersing fans in the ambiance of the legendary stadium while enjoying their favorite CBD-infused beverages.

MYND DRINKS’ CEO, Simon Allen, expressed immense excitement and honor in announcing the partnership with the iconic Chicago Cubs. He emphasized the shared vision of promoting health and wellness in major league sports, resonating strongly with both organizations. MLB has distinguished itself as a progressive professional sports league in the United States, particularly regarding marijuana policy. In 2019, the league removed cannabis from its list of banned substances, adopting a treatment-focused approach rather than punitive measures.

Similar progressive shifts are occurring in other sports leagues. The National Basketball Association (NBA) made headlines recently by removing marijuana from its list of banned substances and discontinuing player drug testing for cannabis. Moreover, the NBA and its players’ union are reportedly considering policies that allow players to endorse and invest in cannabis companies. The announced in 2021 that would no longer face penalties for positive marijuana tests, further reflecting the changing landscape.

Notably, the NCAA has recommended rules that would no longer automatically strip of their eligibility following a positive marijuana test. These changes reflect the evolving societal acceptance of cannabinoids and the increasing recognition of their medical benefits. Even the NFL, through a collective bargaining agreement, modified its drug testing policy in 2020, shifting from suspensions to fines for positive drug tests, including marijuana. The threshold for what constitutes a positive THC test was also raised under the agreement.

Well-known cannabis advocate has argued that sports leagues should cease testing players for marijuana and embrace its use as an to prescription opioids. The sentiment of reform and openness towards cannabis in the sports industry continues to gain momentum, paving the way for a more inclusive and health-conscious future.

The Chicago Cubs’ landmark partnership with MYND DRINKS stands as a testament to their commitment to , well-being, and staying at the forefront of change within professional sports. As the first MLB team to officially collaborate with a CBD company, the Cubs have set a remarkable precedent, shaping the future of cannabis partnerships in sports.

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