Changing Tides: Public Perception Shifts as Cannabis Smoke Trumps Tobacco in Safety, Says New AMA Study

<a href="" class="st_tag internal_tag " rel="tag" title="Posts tagged with perception">Perception</a> Shifts: A New Outlook on Cannabis Smoke Safety Overtakes Tobacco, Reveals AMA Study

Perception Shifts: A New Outlook on Cannabis Smoke Safety Overtakes Tobacco, Reveals AMA Study

In a revealing study published by the American Medical Association (AMA), it’s evident that towards smoking marijuana and exposure to secondhand cannabis smoke have undergone a significant transformation. The survey, which tracked the perceptions of 5,035 U.S. adults across three time points—2017, 2020, and 2021—unearthed a remarkable change as more individuals began to consider cannabis smoke safer than its tobacco counterpart.

The investigation, detailed in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) and , inquired about the safety of smoking one marijuana joint per day compared to smoking a single cigarette daily. Over time, a noteworthy shift emerged as the majority of participants expressed a preference for the safety of cannabis over tobacco smoke.

In the initial assessment of 2017, 33.7 percent of respondents deemed smoking marijuana once a day more hazardous than smoking a daily cigarette, while 36.6 percent viewed cannabis as safer. Fast forward to 2021, and only 25.5 percent retained the belief that cannabis posed more than tobacco. Astonishingly, 44.3 percent now held the conviction that marijuana was safer than cigarettes—a striking 21 percent surge from four years prior.

A parallel pattern was observed in evaluating the dangers of secondhand cannabis and cigarette smoke exposure. In 2017, 29.2 percent perceived secondhand marijuana smoke as more perilous than cigarette smoke exposure, while 35.1 percent held the opposite stance. By 2021, these numbers had shifted, with only 25.5 percent considering secondhand cannabis smoke worse than tobacco, and 40.1 percent believing exposure to marijuana was safer than cigarette smoke.

The study also delved into respondents’ perceptions of secondhand smoke safety for various groups. Notably, the paper highlighted that the legality of cannabis in participants’ of residence didn’t independently influence these changing views. This suggests a nationwide trend in the shifting perception of cannabis safety, irrespective of state-level legalization.

Despite these findings, the study authors expressed concern over this evolving attitude towards marijuana’s safety, emphasizing the need for public health initiatives to educate individuals about potential risks. As more states embrace cannabis legalization, there’s a conjecture that risk perception might decrease further, potentially leading to increased cannabis consumption and exposure to its secondhand smoke.

These emerge in the wake of recent polls revealing that more Americans are experimenting with marijuana, surpassing tobacco use, and expressing lesser concerns about its . A survey conducted by the American Psychiatric Association in found that marijuana was deemed less dangerous and addictive than cigarettes, alcohol, opioids, and even .

Furthermore, a study published in May indicated that state-level cannabis legalization correlates with slight, yet meaningful, declines in adult tobacco use. As the landscape of public perception continues to evolve, understanding the complexities of these shifts will be pivotal for shaping future policies and health interventions.

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