Canopy Growth’s Nasdaq Listing in Jeopardy: Canadian Cannabis Producer Plans Share Consolidation

Canopy Growth Faces <a href="" class="st_tag internal_tag " rel="tag" title="Posts tagged with Nasdaq">Nasdaq</a> Listing Challenge: Announces Share Consolidation Strategy

Canopy Growth Faces Nasdaq Listing Challenge: Announces Share Consolidation Strategy

Canadian cannabis producer Canopy Growth finds itself at a critical juncture as it grapples with delisting from the Nasdaq, leading the Smiths Falls-based company to unveil a strategic plan involving a share consolidation effort. The predicament arose after the Nasdaq notified Canopy Growth of its failure to meet the exchange’s listing standards, primarily due to its closing bid price falling below $1 per share for an uninterrupted span of 30 days. Despite this challenge, Canopy Growth has 180 calendar days, starting from the July 11 issuance, to regain with the Nasdaq’s requirements, and meanwhile, the company’s shares will continue to be actively traded on the exchange.

To address the looming delisting issue, Canopy Growth has been actively exploring viable solutions and intends to seek from its shareholders during the upcoming annual , slated for September 25. The proposed plan revolves around a share consolidation strategy, entailing a range of one post-consolidation common share for every five to fifteen pre-consolidation common shares. Empowering the board to execute the share consolidation until September 25, this measure aims to bolster the company’s standing and reaffirm its compliance with Nasdaq’s stringent regulations.

Notably, the Nasdaq’s warning will not impact Canopy Growth’s listing on the Toronto Stock Exchange in , where it continues to be listed separately. As part of its dedication to resolving the deficiency and regaining compliance, Canopy Growth remains open to exploring all available options.

This scenario is not unfamiliar in the Canadian cannabis industry, as various other producers have faced similar warnings in the past year. In comparable situations, Quebec-based Hexo Corp. and Calgary-headquartered Sundial also received notices from the Nasdaq, signaling non-compliance with the exchange’s continued listing standards. Both companies opted for share consolidations as a strategic response to the situation, underlining the significance of such measures in the current market landscape.

In a separate development, on July 13, 2023, Canopy Growth proactively addressed its financial obligations by entering into negotiated redemption agreements with holders of its 4.25% convertible senior notes, originally due on July 15. The agreements saw Canopy redeem approximately 193 million Canadian dollars ($160 million) through a combination of cash, newly issued common shares, and newly issued unsecured convertible debentures, amounting to CA$101 million in cash, the issuance of 90,430,920 shares, and the issuance of approximately CA$40.4 million of debentures.

With the proposed share consolidation plan and other decisive actions, Canopy Growth is steadfast in its commitment to navigate these challenging waters and ensure a stable future in the ever-evolving cannabis industry. The company’s strategic approach to compliance and financial management will be closely observed by stakeholders, investors, and the industry at large.

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