Cannabis Industry Clash: Cresco Labs’ Lawsuit Alleges High-Profile Employee Theft by Green Thumb Industries

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Employee Theft Lawsuit Rocks Cannabis Industry: Cresco Labs Accuses Green Thumb Industries of Unlawful Talent Acquisition

Chicago-based multistate operator, Cresco Labs, has set the stage for a legal battle as it files a lawsuit in Illinois against its competitor, Green Thumb Industries (GTI), alleging the theft of a key high-level employee. The lawsuit, recently filed in Cook County court, asserts that Christopher Tonge, formerly Cresco’s Director of Technical , joined GTI in a similar role earlier this year, breaching his employment agreement that included a non-compete clause. This contentious move was reportedly facilitated by Matt Ingram, another former Cresco employee who is now serving as GTI’s Senior Vice President of Operations. Furthermore, the lawsuit claims that GTI is attempting to poach other Cresco employees through Ingram’s efforts.

Cresco Labs argues that Tonge, a chemist by , played a vital role at their Chicago headquarters for almost three years, focusing on troubleshooting manufacturing processes and driving improvements within the company. As a highly compensated professional with a salary exceeding six figures and stock options, Tonge’s departure has raised about the protection of and confidential information tied to Cresco’s operations.

The legal dispute revolves around the enforcement of Tonge’s employment contract, which Cresco is seeking to uphold through an injunction and monetary damages. The lawsuit was officially filed by JDRC Managed Services LLC, a subsidiary of Cresco Labs, and names both Tonge and Ingram, alongside GTI-Clinic Illinois Holdings LLC, a subsidiary of Green Thumb Industries.

While this legal drama unfolds, it takes place in a broader context of proposed changes in antitrust by the Biden administration. Authorities have expressed intentions to restrict the use of non-compete clauses, which adds an extra layer of complexity to the ongoing lawsuit.

Green Thumb Industries has swiftly responded, vehemently denying the allegations put forth by Cresco. In a statement, GTI conveyed that the lawsuit attempts to prevent former non-executive employees from pursuing opportunities in the cannabis industry, accusing Cresco of prioritizing litigation over supporting employees transitioning into new career paths, particularly following a sizable layoff.

The competition between these two major players in the cannabis market is undeniable. In 2022, Green Thumb reported a staggering $1 billion in revenue, while Cresco Labs trailed closely behind with $843 million in reported revenue during the same period.

As the industry awaits further developments, all eyes are on the courtroom showdown that could set a precedent for talent acquisition practices and non-compete agreements within the cannabis sector.

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