Cannabis Entrepreneurs Forge Unlikely Alliances with Local Police to Enhance Security

Fostering Unlikely Alliances: <a rel="nofollow" title="Cannabis" href="">Cannabis</a> Entrepreneurs and Local Police Enhance Security Together

Fostering Unlikely Alliances: Cannabis Entrepreneurs and Local Police Enhance Security Together

Cannabis entrepreneurs seeking to collaborate with the very authorities who once hindered their progress are finding an unexpected path to success. By embracing understanding and investing in robust security measures, these entrepreneurs are forging mutually beneficial relationships with local police. Notably, the collaboration enables local police to familiarize themselves with marijuana businesses, facilitating their jobs and enhancing overall . For cannabis entrepreneurs, seeking advice from police departments on security plans proves invaluable, and remarkably, most departments willingly provide such at no cost.

Kyle Kazan, the founder and CEO of Glass House Brands, a vertically integrated cannabis in California, and a former patrol officer in Torrance, reveals that reaching out to local police yields fruitful results. Almost every police and sheriff’s department, he says, readily sends a police officer to assess a business location, offering security tips and valuable insights. These collaborative visits enable police to share essential information, such as response times and recommended alarm systems that best complement their operations. Business owners also receive practical tips, like deactivating motion sensors if pets are present.

Incorporating local police and regulators into the design process becomes a cornerstone of proactive security measures. Experts advise cannabis entrepreneurs to actively seek the input and guidance of police officers, supplementing regulatory requirements with additional safety measures. Building familiarity through prior visits to cannabis businesses is especially crucial for local police, as it equips them with vital knowledge when responding to potential emergencies.

Engaging private security companies for advice further augments the security outlook for cannabis businesses. Soliciting advice from such experts, who often offer initial consultations for free, allows entrepreneurs to design comprehensive security systems. By implementing robust measures such as advanced alarm systems, cameras, well-lit premises, and secure safes, cannabis business owners significantly reduce the of theft and potential dangerous encounters with intruders.

Establishing strong relationships with local police goes beyond regulatory compliance; it involves proactively understanding their safety and security preferences. Tony Gallo, founder and CEO of the Sapphire Risk Group, shares an illustrative example of cooperation. When a police chief in one California town requested retail clients to display their addresses on rooftops in large letters, thus aiding aerial identification, the entrepreneurs willingly complied. Such cooperative gestures not only won them favor with the police chief but also secured their business license.

In response to specific requests, some cannabis entrepreneurs have installed weighted flowerpots as barriers against potential car crashes into their stores. Others have added extra entry gates, facilitated police walkthroughs before store openings, and adopted particular camera and lighting preferences. The willingness to go above and beyond standard demonstrates a proactive commitment to safety, garnering appreciation and cooperation from local .

Moreover, it’s essential for cannabis entrepreneurs to remember that, like any other legitimate business, they are entitled to and support from law enforcement agencies. Recognizing that they contribute to the and pay for these resources, they should actively avail themselves of the security measures provided by the police.

In conclusion, the alliance between cannabis entrepreneurs and local police serves as an exemplar of how cooperation and proactive measures can enhance security for all parties involved. By embracing this collaboration, cannabis businesses not only safeguard their operations and employees but also foster positive relationships with law enforcement, ultimately contributing to a safer and more secure community.

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