Calls to Certify Saliva Testing Labs for Marijuana Screening Grow

Saliva Testing Labs: Revolutionizing Cannabis Screening

Hey there, fellow ! Today, we’re diving into an exciting development in the world of marijuana testing: Testing Labs. Get ready for a rollercoaster of information, from the ins and outs of this revolutionary method to why it’s making waves in the cannabis community.

The Need for Change in Cannabis Screening

Saliva Testing Labs are taking the world of drug by storm, and it’s about time! These labs offer a less invasive way to collect samples for drug testing, making it a gender-neutral option that eliminates the need for secure bathrooms. The best part? Saliva tests are more indicative of recent drug use, especially crucial in post-accident and reasonable suspicion situations.

Certification Challenges

The Department of Transportation (DOT) made a smart move by allowing oral fluid testing as an alternative to urine drug testing for various professions. However, the certification of testing labs is currently a bottleneck. As of now, there are no certified laboratories for oral fluid drug testing. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) also needs to give the green light to oral fluid collection devices to ensure they align with DOT regulations.

Benefits of Saliva-Based Testing

Saliva-based drug testing offers several advantages. It’s non-invasive, making it more comfortable for both employers and employees. Plus, it can identify recent drug use, which is vital in certain testing scenarios. The collection process is easily observed, reducing the risk of tampering.

Moreover, compared to traditional urine testing, saliva tests can detect recent use of substances like marijuana and , which is a game-changer for ensuring safety in the workplace.

A Nationwide Movement

The push for Saliva Testing Labs isn’t confined to one corner of the country. The American Public Transportation Association (APTA) and transit advisory boards across the nation are rallying behind the cause. They’re urging HHS to certify at least two labs for oral fluid testing. The goal? To address the shortage of bus drivers and mechanics, all while ensuring transportation safety.

Cannabis Legalization and Workplace Testing

With the legalization of cannabis in many states, it’s crucial to strike a balance between personal freedoms and workplace safety. While operators must not be impaired while on duty, it’s equally vital to respect the legal and cultural shift surrounding cannabis.

CBD and the DOT

Last year, the DOT issued warning commercial drivers about using CBD products. The message was clear: it’s at your own risk. CBD products remain unregulated and may contain detectable THC levels. So, it’s a reminder to tread cautiously.

The Cost of Current Testing Policies

marijuana criminalization and drug testing mandates are contributing to rising costs and shortages in the transportation sector. Tens of thousands of commercial truckers have tested positive for marijuana, and many have refused to return to work, exacerbating the shortage.

A Reinstatement and a Clarification

In a recent case, a safety-sensitive worker at Alaska Airlines was reinstated after a positive THC test. He claimed he didn’t intend to consume cannabis and wasn’t sure how it happened. The airline challenged the result. In a separate advisory, HHS clarified that state-legal medical marijuana use is no excuse for a positive THC test under new federal guidelines.

In conclusion, the push for Saliva Testing Labs is gaining momentum, and for good reason. These tests offer a more accurate and less intrusive way to screen for drug use, aligning with the changing landscape of cannabis legalization. It’s time for HHS to step up and certify the labs needed to make this groundbreaking approach a reality.

Thanks to Ben Adlin for reporting on this important development in the world of cannabis screening. Stay tuned for more updates on the ever-evolving cannabis industry!

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