California Campaign Proposes $5 Billion ‘TREAT Institute’ to Advance Psychedelics Research for Mental Health Breakthroughs

Groundbreaking ‘TREAT Institute’ Initiative in California Aims to Propel Psychedelics Research for Mental <a href="" class="st_tag internal_tag " rel="tag" title="Posts tagged with Health">Health</a> Advancements

Groundbreaking ‘TREAT Institute’ Initiative in California Aims to Propel Psychedelics Research for Mental Health Advancements

A $5 billion agency initiative named the “TREAT Institute” has been formally proposed by a California campaign for the 2024 ballot. This visionary measure seeks to fund and promote extensive research into psychedelics, such as psilocybin and ibogaine, with the ultimate goal of expediting . Unlike other campaigns pursuing direct legalization, the TREAT California Act focuses on creating a cutting-edge agency, led by experienced strategists, dedicated to exploring the therapeutic potential of psychedelics for severe mental health conditions like depression and addiction.

The proposed initiative emphasizes that the TREAT Institute will stand apart from traditional government agencies. It aims to be an innovative and efficient organization, providing a reliable and sustainable funding source for its operations. The campaign underscores that this effort is not politically driven but rather a pathway for citizens to authorize legislative transformation.

By establishing a comprehensive funding agency, the TREAT Institute aims to establish a thriving psychedelic ecosystem that can revolutionize mental healthcare. With FDA approval as the ultimate target, the institute intends to secure access and therapeutic use of psychedelics by collaborating with health insurance providers, paving the way for a major paradigm shift in mental health treatment.

The TREAT Institute plans to secure $500 million in annual funding over a decade through government agency revenue bonds, ensuring self-sustainability. Grants and loans will be provided to support in-depth psychedelics research, and the institute will negotiate rights with recipients to optimize the outcomes of the research.

Furthermore, the agency will facilitate the establishment of “care programs” in California specifically designed for psilocybin and MDMA once FDA-approved therapeutic usage is granted.

Research funded by grants will focus on the potential benefits and risks of psychedelic-assisted therapy in addressing various mental health disorders, including addiction, anxiety, depression, PTSD, chronic and acute pain, OCD, and anorexia. First responders and military veterans are among the primary focus of outreach efforts, showcasing the potential impact of these substances on their mental well-being.

Notably, the TREAT campaign has engaged in constructive discussions with key figures from the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS) and from , who successfully spearheaded a 2020 ballot measure legalizing psilocybin services.

To achieve their goals, the campaign is embarking on an $11 million fundraising effort to support signature gathering and outreach costs. The carefully drafted initiative aims to encompass the essence of TREAT—Treatment, Research, Education, Access, and Therapies.

While another campaign, Decriminalize California, is concurrently seeking to legalize psilocybin, the TREAT campaign emphasizes that they are not coordinating directly. However, they share areas of interest, particularly in providing mental health support to veterans through psychedelic treatments.

Currently, the initiative is open for public comment at the attorney general’s office. After 30 days of input collection, the campaign will have a short window to refine the proposal before resubmission. Following that, the attorney general will have 30 days to craft the ballot title, summary, and question.

The next crucial step involves collecting nearly 1 million valid signatures from registered to qualify the constitutional amendment for the 2024 ballot. The campaign remains confident in Californians’ support, citing recent national polls indicating majority backing for legalizing psychedelic-assisted therapy.

Interestingly, amid the backdrop of the two psychedelics ballot campaigns, there is a legislative effort led by Senator Scott Wiener (D) aiming to legalize the possession and facilitation of certain entheogenic substances for adults. This legislation has already cleared the Senate and is now progressing through the Assembly process, edging closer to the floor for further consideration.

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