Berkeley City Council Approves Resolution to Deprioritize Psychedelic Enforcement, Advancing Progressive Drug Reform Agenda

Berkeley City Council Takes Bold Step Towards Psychedelic Reform Progress

In a groundbreaking move, the Berkeley, City Council has unanimously passed a resolution that marks a significant milestone in the of psychedelic . The resolution, centered around the keyphrase “psychedelic reform progress,” aims to deprioritize the enforcement of laws prohibiting , aligning with the city’s legacy of progressive legislation on criminal and cannabis reform.

Spearheaded by Councilmember Sophie Hahn and previously endorsed by the Council’s Health, Life Enrichment, Equity & Community Committee, the measure swiftly gained just hours after a state Assembly committee advanced a bill seeking to legalize the possession and facilitated use of specific psychedelics like psilocybin and ayahuasca.

Building upon the momentum of other California municipalities, such as Oakland and Santa Cruz, who have already embraced local psychedelics reform, the resolution urges local law enforcement to scale back enforcement of laws pertaining to entheogenic substances (excluding peyote-derived mescaline). The resolution acknowledges the pressing need to strike a balance between criminal justice concerns and public health considerations when crafting just and responsible policies surrounding entheogens/psychedelics.

As the resolution takes effect, it establishes the official stance of the city, urging local law enforcement to de-emphasize the of City funds and resources towards enforcing criminal penalties related to the personal possession, cultivation, processing, and preparation of plant- or fungus-based psychedelics. Notably, the resolution does not authorize gifting, distributing, selling, or administering psychedelics.

To ensure clarity and legal compliance, the measure was amended based on valuable input from the City Attorney’s Office. These amendments addressed technical aspects and further clarified that the reform does not extend authorization for the sharing or administration of entheogenic plants and fungi to organizations or groups of people, refining the resolution’s scope beyond individuals.

Beyond the immediate impact within Berkeley, the resolution underscores the city’s commitment to fostering open and comprehensive discussions surrounding psychedelic drugs. It calls upon the California State Legislature to actively participate in this dialogue and consider passing legislation that thoughtfully addresses the pertinent issues at hand. By championing transparency, , benefit, ethics, and equity, Berkeley is at the forefront of a progressive movement, encouraging further exploration of psychedelic drug access.

The resolution passed by the Berkeley City Council represents a version of a prior psychedelics reform proposal approved by the Berkeley Community Health Commission. Although not explicitly referencing SB 58, a bill introduced by Senator Scott Wiener (D) and currently advancing in the state Assembly, the resolution aligns with its overarching goals. SB 58 seeks to legalize the possession, preparation, obtaining, transfer, and transportation of specific amounts of psilocybin, psilocyn, DMT, ibogaine, and mescaline for personal or facilitated use. Notably, communal use would only be authorized once the state establishes a regulatory framework for such activities.

As marijuana legalization, psychedelics reform, and drug policy discussions continue to unfold, Marijuana Moment remains committed to tracking over 1,000 , psychedelics, and drug policy bills in state legislatures and Congress. To access our interactive maps, charts, and hearing calendar, consider becoming a Patreon supporter with a pledge of at least $25 per month to stay informed and never miss a development.

By taking this resolute step towards psychedelic reform progress, the Berkeley City Council sets a powerful precedent for other jurisdictions, inspiring hope for more equitable and responsible drug policies nationwide.

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