Battle of Green Giants: Trulieve Cannabis vs. Black Entrepreneur in $24 Million Debt Dispute

Debt Dispute Showdown: Trulieve <a rel="nofollow" title="Cannabis" href="">Cannabis</a> and Black Entrepreneur Clash Over $24 Million Owed

Debt Dispute Showdown: Trulieve Cannabis and Black Entrepreneur Clash Over $24 Million Owed

In a high-stakes clash over a staggering $24 million debt, Trulieve Cannabis and a pioneering Black cannabis entrepreneur in Ohio, Ariane Kirkpatrick, are embroiled in a heated battle. The Florida-based multistate operator, Trulieve, has taken legal against Ohio’s Harvest of OH Companies, less than two years after their “billion-dollar merger.” Trulieve alleges that Harvest of Ohio owes them a substantial sum, and the situation has escalated into a courtroom confrontation.

The contentious saga traces back to October 2021, when Trulieve made headlines by acquiring Arizona-based Harvest Health & Recreation through an all-stock deal. This strategic move propelled Trulieve’s expansion to a remarkable 11 states, with the added responsibility of financially assisting four Ohio-based Harvest cannabis businesses. These businesses were awarded licenses, partly due to preferential treatment for - applicants.

Harvest of Ohio, the parent company operating three medical cannabis dispensaries and a cultivation license, found itself at the heart of the dispute. According to documents filed in the Franklin County Court of Common Pleas on July 14, Trulieve accused Harvest executives of misusing the loans. Allegedly, they directed significant portions of the funds towards personal six-figure salaries while simultaneously requesting more support from Trulieve.

Adding complexity to the already contentious situation, Ariane Kirkpatrick, the majority owner of Harvest of Ohio, claims to be the first Black woman to own a vertically integrated cannabis business in Ohio. However, her path to success was marred by controversy in 2020. Harvest of Ohio faced accusations of misrepresenting ownership, leading to a $500,000 “voluntary” donation to a state fund to settle the dispute, as reported by the Cincinnati Enquirer.

In response to Trulieve’s lawsuit, Harvest of Ohio provided a statement through their director of community and public relations, Jeané Holley. The statement vehemently accuses Trulieve of undermining their commitment to , equity, and inclusion. Harvest claims that Trulieve’s pursuit of control over the Ohio licenses led to inflated expenses, interference in management, and the blocking of recapitalization efforts.

Initially, both companies had agreed not to resort to and instead explore restructuring options. However, Trulieve abruptly terminated negotiations and filed the lawsuit, sparking further tension. Harvest of Ohio believes this is not an isolated incident, alleging that Trulieve’s management has employed similar strategies in other states and communities across the country.

In a counter-statement provided to MJBizDaily, Trulieve firmly refuted Harvest of Ohio’s claims, calling them an attempt to evade their $23.8 million debt. Trulieve asserts that they had provided loans to the Ohio companies, which they now refuse to repay, thereby necessitating legal action. The company emphasizes its fiduciary responsibility to shareholders and its commitment to collecting the outstanding debt.

As the dispute continues to unfold, Trulieve remains a prominent player in the U.S. cannabis , with operations in 11 states and over 9,000 employees. In addition to its business ventures, the company is a leading sponsor of a proposed marijuana legalization ballot in Florida, having contributed nearly $40 million to the . However, this initiative faces a state challenge.

The stakes are undeniably high as Trulieve Cannabis and Harvest of Ohio lock horns in this $24 million debt dispute. With legal proceedings underway, the outcome of this clash will significantly impact both companies and the broader cannabis industry, making it a closely watched case in the years to come.

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