Aurora Cannabis Closes Danish Facility, Shifts Production to Canada in Cost-Cutting Move

Aurora Cannabis Takes Strategic Step: Closes Danish Facility, Targets European Market Growth with Cost-Effective Canadian Production

Edmonton, Alberta-based Aurora Cannabis has made a significant move to enhance its presence in the European . The Canadian producer has decided to shut down its Danish facility, aligning its focus on cost-effective Canadian to fuel growth in . By consolidating operations, Aurora aims to optimize its resources and lower costs while the increasing demand for medical cannabis in Europe.

The decision to close the Danish facility comes over a year after Aurora sold its Nordic Sky facility in Odense, Denmark. The move, which resulted in a loss of CA$1.3 million, was prompted by in the market dynamics. Despite this, Aurora emphasizes that the closure does not reflect the of its European , which continues to thrive with healthy margins and promising growth prospects.

Aurora encountered numerous challenges with the Nordic site, hindering its successful operation beyond the company’s control. These challenges, despite the company’s best efforts, could not be overcome. Prior to the closure, Aurora engaged in consultations with its employees and extended full support to those affected by the decision. The company acknowledges their valuable contributions to the Danish operations.

The Danish market has posed significant difficulties for Aurora in recent years. In 2018, the company aspired to establish Europe’s largest medical cannabis producer in Denmark, envisioning a state-of-the-art facility that would cater to the European demand. However, the facility’s construction faced regulatory hurdles and limitations on traditional remediation of pathogens, impairing yield and production efficiency compared to their Canadian operations.

Furthermore, the size of the greenhouse facility in Denmark did not allow for the same level of production efficiency achieved in Aurora’s indoor facilities in Canada. Recognizing these challenges, Aurora strategically decided to leverage its Canadian footprint, boasting lower per-unit costs and a more reliable supply, to cater to its European business effectively. The company believes that this shift will enhance its competitiveness in the rapidly expanding European market.

Aurora’s CEO, Miguel Martin, emphasized that the closure of the Danish facility aligns with the company’s broader plan to achieve approximately CA$40 million in annualized savings. Martin expects these savings to be realized by March 31, . Chief Officer Glen Ibbott echoed Martin’s sentiments, stating that the consolidation allows Aurora to optimize its resources and better position itself in the European market.

In conclusion, Aurora Cannabis’ strategic decision to close its Danish facility marks a pivotal step in its pursuit of European market growth. By concentrating on cost-effective Canadian production, the company aims to streamline operations, achieve significant savings, and deliver high- products that resonate with the European market’s preferences. As Aurora continues to navigate the evolving cannabis landscape, its focus on optimizing resources and capitalizing on market opportunities remains steadfast.

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