Arizona’s Recreational Cannabis Sales Surge Past $100 Million, Outpacing Medical Market

Record-breaking Recreational Cannabis Sales in Arizona Surpass $100 Million, Outpacing Medical Market

’s has witnessed a groundbreaking achievement as sales in March crossed the $100 million mark, outpacing the steady performance of the medical market, which hovers around $30 million per month. In the past three months, the recreational sector has consistently tripled the reported totals of its medical counterpart, showcasing the remarkable growth of the adult-use segment.

The Arizona Department of Revenue has reported remarkable figures for . In April, sales neared $86.5 million, while March marked a significant milestone with sales just shy of $101 million. These numbers signify a pivotal moment since the inception of recreational sales in January 2021, representing the first time the market has surpassed nine figures.

Previously, in March 2021, Arizona witnessed combined sales of both medical and recreational cannabis surpassing the $100 million mark. While medical sales reached slightly over $73 million, recreational sales amounted to $59 million. Since then, the overall cannabis sales have consistently exceeded $100 million each month, but this recent accomplishment marks the first time that a single pillar of the market has independently surpassed this impressive threshold.

Recreational sales from December 2022 through February 2023 demonstrated strong performance, amounting to $93.4 million, $91.3 million, and $84.5 million, respectively. Conversely, the medical market has experienced consistent declines since its peak of $73.3 million in April 2021. Notably, in July 2021, medical cannabis sales dipped below $40 million. From September 2022 onwards, sales have fluctuated between approximately $33 million and $28.6 million in February 2023, which represents the lowest monthly sales reported by the Arizona Department of Revenue.

During April, medical marijuana sales totaled $30.3 million, showcasing a continued decline in comparison to previous years. The discrepancy between recreational and medical sales highlights the growing popularity and dominance of the recreational .

The last time recreational and medical sales were relatively balanced was in October 2021 when adult-use sales amounted to $65.8 million and medical sales reached $64.4 million. In April, taxes collected from recreational sales alone accounted for $15.4 million, while both programs generated a total of $24.8 million. These figures underscore the significant revenue contribution of the recreational cannabis sector to the state’s economy.

Arizona’s excise tax on adult-use marijuana sales has already accumulated $154.6 million in 2023. In the earlier years, recreational cannabis generated $32.9 million in taxes during eleven months of sales in 2021, and that number surged to $132.8 million in 2022. Since the program’s launch, the state has collected over $320 million in marijuana excise taxes.

The distribution of these tax revenues is allocated as follows: one-third is dedicated to community colleges and provisional community college districts, 31 percent is allocated to public including , fire departments, fire districts, and first responders, 25 percent goes to the Arizona Highway User Revenue Fund, and 10 percent supports the justice reinvestment fund, which aims to provide public health services, counseling, , and other essential social services to communities disproportionately impacted by marijuana arrests and criminalization.

The Arizona Department of Health Services, responsible for cannabis regulation in the state, provides monthly reports on the medical program, which are typically one month ahead of the tax reports from the Arizona Department of Revenue. As of May, there were 127,288 qualifying patient cardholders, maintaining a similar figure from the previous month of April.

Since January 2021, the number of qualifying patients has gradually declined, with a significant drop observed each month. Through May, Arizona’s medical cannabis have purchased 27,993 pounds of marijuana in various forms, with May’s total amounting to 5,635 pounds.

Conclusion: The outstanding performance of Arizona’s recreational cannabis market, surpassing the $100 million mark, continues to outshine the medical sector. With recreational sales reaching unprecedented heights and tax revenues soaring, the state’s cannabis industry demonstrates its significant contribution to the economy while maintaining focus on social services and community support.

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