Alcohol Industry Backs Federal Marijuana Legalization, Urges Comprehensive Regulation

Alcohol Industry Throws Weight Behind Federal Marijuana Legalization

The federal legalization of marijuana has gained a significant endorsement as a major alcohol industry association, the Wine & Spirits Wholesalers of America (WSWA), officially lends its support. In a sent to , the association implores lawmakers to “regulate cannabis at the federal level.” Recognizing the adverse caused by the current conflict between state and federal law, the WSWA emphasizes the need for comprehensive regulation to safeguard , safety, and tax .

Highlighting the success of alcohol regulation as a model, the WSWA asserts that a piecemeal approach to marijuana reform is untenable. With the legalization trend firmly established at the state level, the association stresses that should have the flexibility to determine whether or not to legalize cannabis within their borders. However, the lack of federal support hinders the development of safety measures and fair market practices in the expanding national .

To address these concerns, the WSWA advocates for federal oversight of the adult-use marijuana supply chain. The association proposes federal permitting for cannabis producers, importers, testing facilities, and distributors, while recommending that states manage licensing for marijuana retailers. Additionally, the WSWA suggests federal approval, regulation, and standardized labeling for cannabis products, ensuring consumer safety and consistent quality control policies across the country.

In terms of taxation, the WSWA advises the imposition of a federal excise tax on cannabis products, similar to the taxation of alcoholic beverages based on alcohol concentration. This tax would be payable to the Department of Treasury’s Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) on a semimonthly basis. By adopting this approach, the association believes that federal excise tax collection can support existing state programs and help normalize the cannabis sector.

Public safety remains a key priority for the WSWA, particularly in deterring impaired driving. The association emphasizes the importance of collaborative partnerships between lawmakers, , and researchers to develop technology for identifying active impairment from cannabis. Additionally, the WSWA suggests funding training programs for drug recognition experts to enhance road safety.

Having supported states’ rights to legalize cannabis since 2018, the WSWA aims to share the lessons learned from the successful transition from alcohol prohibition to legalization. Acknowledging the need to consider the future of adult-use cannabis, the association believes that the regulatory principles applied to the alcohol industry can be extended to a national cannabis system. However, the WSWA does not disregard the regulatory systems already established in states, but rather emphasizes the importance of federal oversight, taxation, and support to ensure a safe and economically vibrant marketplace.

The WSWA’s endorsement comes at a crucial time when federal marijuana legalization efforts have gained traction in the House, but comprehensive reform is yet to advance in the Senate. The association’s involvement is expected to bolster lobbying efforts and encourage lawmakers to seriously consider ending federal marijuana prohibition. Advocates, however, urge the WSWA to prioritize equity measures, particularly for communities disproportionately affected by the war on drugs.

In previous instances, the WSWA has actively engaged lawmakers by briefing them on its stance regarding states’ rights to legalize cannabis. Additionally, the association endorsed a Senate bill in 2021 that aimed to allow the use of hemp derivatives, including CBD, in consumable products. With its vast membership presence across states and congressional districts, the WSWA’s support could significantly influence the discussion surrounding federal marijuana policy and pave the way for a regulatory framework that supports small and medium-sized businesses while addressing social equity concerns.

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