Alaskans Support Psychedelics Reform, Poll Finds As Lawmakers Consider Bill To Study Therapeutic Access

Alaskans overwhelmingly support psychedelic reform, with 49.4% backing broad drug policy changes. Notably, this figure rises to 65% when informed of Alaska’s high mental illness rates.

This data, from a survey by the Alaska Entheogenic Awareness Council (AKEAC), underscores support for psychedelics. see these substances as vital for addressing PTSD, depression, and other issues.

are considering a bill to licensing and regulating psychedelic therapy. Sen. Forrest Dunbar emphasizes its potential for treating prevalent conditions like PTSD and depression.

The proposed task force would investigate how to integrate psychedelic therapies into Alaska’s system. Rep. Jennie Armstrong has introduced a similar bill in the .

While some expressed concerns about the bill, Dunbar assures that it focuses on licensing, not legalization. He highlights the need for swift due to ongoing clinical trials.

The survey reveals shifts in public opinion based on how questions are framed. Notably, framing the issue around mental health significantly boosts support for reform.

Demographic factors influence attitudes towards psychedelics, with , income, education, and political ideology playing key roles.

Overall, the survey indicates strong public backing for psychedelic reform in Alaska. The findings provide valuable insights as lawmakers consider policy changes.

This article was inspired by an article by Ben Adlin.

Rosemary Puffman
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